Never Underestimate Your Opponent

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23 thoughts on “Never Underestimate Your Opponent

  1. Pavel D says:

    I've noticed that the western view of all of this is very centered around size, whereas the eastern view does not seem to take it into account very much and has developed ways to turn the size advantage around. Don't you find?

  2. stormy says:

    Moose is such a big sweetie, Nick. He IS enjoying being a big dude! Moose, you could increase your stamina, your carburetor by learning to breathe correctly AGAIN. We all knew how to breathe as babies then our mums put tight clothes and belts on us and we learn how to breathe shallowly, 'thoracic' breathing. When you are inhaling your chest goes up. Your abdominals are pulling in when you inhale. You are only using the upper 1/3 of your lungs. Start practicing 'blowing out' first using your abdominals (primarily the transverse abdominals and your diaphragm)…actively pushing the used air out of your lungs from the bottom of your lungs. Like babies do. Inhale is passive. The energy to breathe is only used to clear the air out of your lungs. Inhalation is just air filling your lungs FULLY as you relax your abdominals and allow your belly to expand. This takes time to relearn. Jogging is an easy repetitive way to practice or just lying on your back hands over your belly and using your hands push your belly down to blow the air out. Soon you'll get the blowing out to be the first this one does instead of inhaling. Jogging is 1 2 3 4; blow out 1 2 3 4 and then open your nostrils wide allow the air in 1 2 3 4. 1 2 3 4 can be done faster or slower depending on your pace. Blow out through you mouth, breathe in through your extended nostrils and when you need even more air more quickly open your mouth. Get a cadence going and you will be able to go farther or faster. Blowing out using your abs and diaphragm will soon become natural…critical. Veterinarians, when they heard through the grapevine that a race horse has had an epiglottal blah blah blah surgery (they had been trained literally to use half their lung capacity) they bet BIG time on these horses. To this day, you'll see veterinarians running around in lovely SUV's…like insider trading. This surgery is kept hush hush…to take a fair racehorse and double it's carburetor you are looking at major winnings. Moose, you start belly breathing and increase YOUR carburetor, please be responsible!!

  3. selfpolicing says:

    Hi! You and Jim have very good videos together! Important advice!. In my experience you always have to be aware and always try to avoid a real streetfight. It is no game outside. If you can not avoid you have to attack pre-emptive, very fast and very hard. Then you can avoid by leave the area. If you do not knock out the enemy by your pre-emptive strike it is going to be a clinch and grappling. So attack first and if you need, continuous attack with forward pressure. Techniques; Standing-palmstrike/elbow to the chin/jaw-get control of the neck/head-rear naked choke-On the ground-palmstrike/elbow to the face/neck-get control over the neck/head-rear naked choke. You have to know how to strike hard and how to grapple. I think basic Thaiboxing and basic Gracie Jiu-Jitsu are best for that. You do not need to know so many techniques. 1-2 strikes, 1-2 takedowns and 1-2 chokes with good footwork standing and good positions on the ground. The most important thing is to have the right mindset like "attack the attacker" or " I will destroy you if you attack me". Get angry! You also have to train a lot of street scenario training. Just my advice. Take care!

  4. gustav Lewin says:

    Words of truth Nick and Moose. There is no honor and respect anymore. Going preemptive isn't a coward move, your attacker will probably pull out a weapon or his friends will jump in. Fighting is the downfall of humankind, but if you got to defend yourself or your beloved ones, you got no other choice than to hit first.

  5. Stjepan Bralic says:

    This guy Moose i like him.He is really cool and chill guy.And this Nick Drossos if he was in my town i would go train in his "school" .Most fun i have watching his videos is when he pick up the random guy or girl on the street and starts teaching them how to defend.

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