45 thoughts on “Neds – Knife Hands Scene

  1. Colin Paynter says:

    Edingburgh was pretty much the same in the 1970s & 80's from what i saw as a child when we visited my grandparents every summer school holidays.. Was some wild lads and lasses around the Easter Road/ Hibs FC area.

  2. Connor Greer says:

    a went to school with that fat wee bastard :)) he came out with us for a box wae the cross, got a leathering, then started booting a fence shouting why me :)) canny take this film serious with him being in it :))

  3. Peter Simpson says:

    A mate of mine told me how he done this back in the eighties in glasgow. There was a gangster he'd pissed off down the stairs of his close waiting in a van with 6 of his mates to take him away. They sent his friend up to warn him he was never going to be seen again unless he left within the hour. He got his friend to tape two steak knives to his hands and then barricaded the door. Guy never came up for some reason and he left that night. But he told me the story in the late 90s so was pretty shocked to see this scene. It was filmed 2 minutes away from the pub he told me the story so who knows.

  4. Dick Tator says:

    This is one of the many bits in this film which I found so fucking confusing. Honestly the count tapes knives to his hands and goes walking abt pure topless? Would love to know why

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