Navy SEAL Reviews Boker Applegate Fairbairn Knife

The Boker Applegate-Fairbairn Fighting Knife 5.5, model 120545, features a Green Micarta CNC machined handle which is perfectly rounded for a comfortable …

13 thoughts on “Navy SEAL Reviews Boker Applegate Fairbairn Knife

  1. Matt The Rat says:

    That's a nice knife, and as you say shame about the sheath. It would be good if the knife companies regarded the design of the package as a whole, knife/sheath/attachment options, instead of just the knife, especially when they are for tactical use. For this style of knife I'm sure being able to draw the knife quietly would be an advantage :), and that's not going to happen with velcro and metal press studs!

  2. john Mutton says:

    that sheath is designed to fit all kinds of knives, that is why the strap is adjustable, the bigger versions have better sheaths. which are also better knives, especially for a soldier.

  3. john Mutton says:

    In England you can pay £1oo more for this model just for micarta handle and that sheath, it is 1/2" shorter than black and desert tan model same steel 440c, the black model is the bet buy, it is nice to have these scales but not worth this big increase in cost if you are looking for a dagger in the services get the black model.

  4. john Mutton says:

    the black model has a kydex sheath, that is more the collectors model, the black version is the best has not got any adverts on the blade it is mat black, black sheath, and i think slightly longer blade, but better I think for anyone in the forces.

  5. Loverock says:

    The sheath appears to be a copy of the spec-ops brand sheaths. The velcro on the retention strap is to allow it to be adjusted to fit various grip thicknesses as its a "universal" sheath. Thanks for the review!

  6. AB White says:

    Great video. I agree on the sheath design and function on production knives being poor. My recommendation is a Randall Made Model 2 "letter-opener" A bit more expensive, but an outstanding weapon. You can get custom grips and a custom leather sheath of very high quality. And in my opinion, the job you do for our country, you deserve the best you can get. Thanks for your service.

  7. *Danni* says:

    Its a reproduction, doesnt have 6 key features of the FS knife, probably more I cant see right off the bat.

    1. Slim linearly tapering blade
    2. Half to full inch ricasso
    3. Curved guards (asymetric)
    4. Impact balls on guards
    5. Impact ball on pommel
    6. Steel grip

  8. Todd B Stevens says:

    Good review, I agree on with your criticism on the sheath. I have a kydex one that I use. I can see from your handling the blade you know a thing or two about knives. I am a fencer, and I agree it is all about the wrist. This is not a camping or utility knife, it is a fighter. I would say if someone comes with a Boker Applegate-Fairburn, they are pretty serious.

  9. Mark JG says:

    Great looking knife , the one I seen is different than yours , it has a black handle same size but flat on one side of the entire blade. The one you show looks better and has the same shape on both sides?.  I would love to get one for personal protection but I fear this old man would be arrested if I was seen carrying it open carry in Colorado with all the liberal moron fools moving here and offended by anything like that on my hip. If that is the case why buy it ? I do not carry a gun so this would be perfect for defense and a deterrent , I would feel safe with this on my side with all the hateful leftists and crooks  out here. So are there two different versions of this knife blade ?.

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