39 thoughts on “Navy SEAL on real martial arts .

  1. Michael C says:

    I just want to make sure that when he says 'get a gun', he also means 'as long as you get a thorough background check'. Also, conceal and carry i'm cool with, but no more assault rifles. Semi-auto's at best.

  2. robaerto71 says:

    I cannot stress enough how wrong he is! A gun makes nearly every situation worse. There is a reason why people with bad intentions have weapons. They want to have the control over a situation. If you have a gun too they have no other possibility than to escalate the situation and THIS can end deadly – what it does the thousands in the US every year!. So think first if you want to get robbed or KILLED!

  3. khalil says:

    the most important rule in a street fight is to never get on the ground you have to stay on your feet because you will never know how many attackers are coming towards you even if you got taken down you have get back up as fast as possible for that i recommend wrestling for stopping takedowns but if you talking bare knuckle streetfighting the best thing i recommend is full contact kyokushin karate one of the toughest most hardcore styles of stand up combat and its also bare knuckle mix kyokushin and wrestling with some boxing and you will be a walking weapon.

  4. Ken Hinzman says:

    Hmmm. Children can't carry guns. Crossing borders, entering bars, schools, high-capacity venues… all pose challenges for those who want to carry a gun. You also have to defend your piece. Guns are only effective if you shoot first and shoot accurately. Going to a firing range will help you improve with target shooting, but what about after a shot of adrenaline?

    Find yourself squaring off with individuals frequently? Maybe your best self-defense is not being an asshole.

    Worried about walking down the street? Don't look like a target – look alert; don't wear headphones; make eye contact when you pass someone; politely smile, nod and say hi; try not to walk alone. This all worked just fine for me in Detroit. Never carried a gun. Never had a problem on the streets.

    Still feel the need to protect yourself? ANY martial art will give you an edge over the average person, especially if they teach you how to stop/avoid an attack and escape. You'll probably still get hurt in a scuffle, but most people aren't trained to fight. Any training will give you an advantage (and the TSA/bouncer can't take away your weapons, if they're hands and feet!)

  5. nugget22 gil says:

    guys an idiot bjj muay thai wrestling are the core of the game best overall DEF and the bjj and wrestling is more used as means of not getting taken down and that your muay thai can finish somone standing or clinch fuck boxing its a great thing but overall for real self defense muay thai stirking more effective boxing still works just don't have as many tools

  6. Potato Gunn says:

    This guy looks like he couldn't fuck a whore let alone give anyone advice. I bet this fat bag of shit pants going up steps and takes breaks during his "sex" he has. I think the roads might have done away with his penis, so he pays a hooker to suck on his stub. What kind of a pussy hole name is Jocko? Sounds like a guy in prison that rapes other inmates.

  7. Ricky Baker says:

    The best Martial Arts to take are a combination of Muay Tai for stand up because you strike with 8 limbs (Hands, feet, elbows, knees) and you train your limbs to be able to deliver heavy blows without damaging yourself. The next would be wrestling for takedown and take down defense. This helps you with body and leverage control. A lot of fights will end up with you tied up with your opponent and this helps in the clinch and with taking your opponent down to the ground and keeping your opponent from taking you down to the ground. The last but possibly most important is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A lot of Fights end up on the ground and this is the best martial art for ground fighting. This helps you end fights with submissions and keeps you from getting hurt on the ground, weather on your back or on top of your opponent. It helps you control your opponent and end fights without injuring your opponent. But if you must it also allows you to break limbs or choke your opponent unconscious. Also a big important factor is it allows smaller and weaker guys to win fights against stronger, larger opponents.

  8. John Smith says:

    I can think of something that precedes everything he said: think about where you are going to go, when you are going to go, and what you are going to do there. Certain areas of my city make me wary, certain times of day and night make me wary, and so on. Also, think about whether you are going to be alone or in good company.

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