Navy SEAL Hand 2 Hand Combat Training

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38 thoughts on “Navy SEAL Hand 2 Hand Combat Training

  1. Johnny B says:

    It's good to see that there is/are "schools" of H2H Combat that apply the use of Principles, that have direct application in combat, such as "invisible ties, Relaxation, etc. Some of these that are found in Aikido.

    I think that it's very important to train people to work against multiple opponents because of the fact that you're not really capable of fighting one opponent at any given moment if you cannot manage multiple opponents at any given moment as the same skill sets apply to H2H combat effectiveness overall.

    One of the Chinese Martial Arts Teachings was that, of the two great powers Speed and Strength, Speed was the greatest, by far. That would suggest that anything that takes longer than a fast jab, considerably lessens your combat potential. This also suggests that any kind of grappling should be avoided.

    I would also like to point out that if an opponent grabs/attacks you with one hand . . . you are essentially fighting a one handed opponent, and if an opponent grabs/attacks you with two hands . . .well what more can I say.

  2. Ralph Riffle says:

    navy seals this navy seals that these pussye boast and brag if you want to be a real worrior join the army or marine infantry. if the navy seals vanished over night the military would not even notice

  3. david orr says:

    Ex Navy Seal???? You mean like in Marine World?  Does tricks for fish treats?  This is a very strange presentation.  Everyone standing still waiting for the ninja move…just like in a real all out brawl.  This is the kind crap that gets people killed because they think they are magically bulletproof, then they run into someone who actually understands and practices the application of violence….

  4. Jack o says:

    all the know it alls expcept, well.. Navy Seals. Probably bc this guy actually trained real navy seals, in reality. sure the individual hes using is limp, simply to instruct ONE selected outcome in a dustup up that would actually have 50+ different outcomes, the guy probably knows his stuff, he is showing you just a few things. what? a course is supposed to be a fuckin youtube video now? hes emphasizing center mass. sure no one grabs the wrist with both hands but I bet you that's the bare minimum basics. if you would actually go there and train, well if you want to become like HIM, be prepared to train for the rest of your life, or at least dedicate REAL time there. this looks real idk what you guys are crying about. id like to see half the ppl "throw a punch up" only to have it slapped out, gripped up by the neck, thrown down with a pencil sticking out of their face. Dude trains the Navy Seals you fuckhead keyboard warriors.

  5. SBF HAWK says:

    This is totally (Secret) Marshall arts wont say the name. I knew it I knew it …Only this is what we are seeing here. Be aware of false teachers who come in sheeps clothing giving you instructions telling you there are masters they are not..

  6. Mad Minute says:

    I've always looked at aikido as a useless martial art. However, i think it would be a good thing for Special Operators to learn since they'll have weapons and be throwing more. They're obviously not going to go in to a place looking to do jujitsu.

  7. Makaila Cooney says:

    this is fake bullshit. our seals are much better equipped than this out dated trash…I promise you. if you meet a seal nobody will draw lines between ankles and study their physical genetics lmfao. or have a physical relationship xD this isn't america. like our most elite special forces cqc secrets can be found on YouTube

  8. yfelwulf says:

    I've. been watching a lot of the Spetsnaz self defence clips no wonder American Special Forces are terrified of them this pussy would be dead in around 2 seconds. They move better they fight better their tactics are better. Typical American over hyped blustering.

  9. tardterminator says:

    -Clean shaven, brown haired jumpsuit guy is Ken Good, former SEAL.
    -Mustache jumpsuit guy is Dave Maynard, former SEAL, then security contractor in Iraq.
    -Blonde jumpsuit guy is Barry Dueck, former Marine and winner of numerous 3-gun competitions. Barry went on to found SureFire's Suppressor Division and Dueck Defense.

    Ken and Dave had a training company called Combative Concepts in the 90's, Barry was one of the instructors. They formed the original SureFire Institute in 1997. They developed ground breaking low-light tactics doctrine, much of which forms the basis for most law enforcement low-light tactic taught today. Some of their doctrine was also incorporated into current military low-light tactics.

    The instructor in the gi is James Williams, all around martial art guy with background in boxing, wrestling, kick boxing, Systema, Aiki Jujutsu and BJJ. James continues to teach in Encinitas, CA, designs knives sold by CRKT (i.e. Hissatsu) and has a Japanese import company (Bugie Trading Company).

    These guys were innovators and made a real contribution to forward both low-light tactics and integrated combatives.

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