National Combat Judo – Knife Defense Technique Part I

Realistic Knife Defense Training of National Combat Judo using real double-blade knife. Learn how to survive on knife street fighting.

20 thoughts on “National Combat Judo – Knife Defense Technique Part I

  1. Keith Gee says:

    you are gonna get CUT regardless of what KATA you use, unless you strike first and take your aggressor down( muay thai, karate, silat, BJJ , Judo,aikido) this is just showing there are defensive counter moves.

    unlike the movies( fiction) many instructors of different MA have also taught GTFO when confronted in such or multiple opponents

  2. Carlos Omar Maidana says:

    Interesting video but most of it it is not Judo and it goes against the foundations of Judo (the gentle art) to stab/cut the adversary. One has to neutralize it infringing the less damage possible. It's ok for Jujutsu/Jujitsu/Aiki-jujutsu but not for Judo. Then the "general techniques" going against the joints are not within the Judo philosophy neither. One should project the movement (that was one of the key principles that set it apart from Jujitsu).Interested though.

  3. haffoc says:

    @KurtCobain198666 See "Knife attack myths 2"on Youtube for a good look at how people really attack with knives. It ain't what the dojo dancers teach their students.

  4. hpurbancombat says:

    don't judge the art for how they look, some art may look nasty but more effective specially the part of blocking drill than with other art with flashy movement. this is what jkd is all about and
    bruce lee will even vote a thumbs up for these guys! mabuhay kayo bro!

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