Naoto's Nerd Hour – Convex Knife Grinds



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6 thoughts on “Naoto's Nerd Hour – Convex Knife Grinds

  1. Jeff MacRae says:

    Very much appreciated the changes you guys made. Naoto is able to get more information across and answer viewers questions…as he's not always adjusting camera angles. The view is better than any of the previous videos.

    Naoto knows his stuff and has a natural ability that allows his presentation to flow, actually reminded me of some of the better lecturers I've seen. I know it must be tricky to do as you're livestreaming bit of there's any way the the camera feed on Naoto's hands can get larger during de of the more technical bits it would be pretty much perfect.

    All of this to say great job…and the amount of information and details have made it the best yet.

  2. Grant Hendrick says:

    With the new gyuto I just received from you it mentioned that Shibata-San uses a different grit on each side of the blade. Kevin also mentioned this idea before he started vacation. I may not make the live show but I would love if Naoto could comment on this technique. I will watch for sure later if I can’t make the show.! Again thank you for all the tutorials!

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