34 thoughts on “Mythbusters Never Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight

  1. Isaac O'Shea says:

    Most of the mythbusters videos are great and go into a lot of depth, but not this one:

    This video doesn't take into account the time it takes to un-sheath the knife (the gun wasn't ready for action straight away), and assumes that the first person to take a hit goes down instantly – both knife and gun wounds, while potentially fatal, won't instantly kill – in fact, and this could be a myth for you to bust as well, in the days of cowboys, all of the adrenaline meant that people often didn't notice they were shot until a few minutes later, and kept on shooting for a while afterwards.

    Therefore I think this myth wasn't truly busted – the fatality of the weapons wasn't considered, the time taken to ready the knife wasn't accounted for, and in almost all of the cases in this video, both people would get fatally injured, or it would be too close to call – human reaction, momentum and the time it takes for injury to become fatal would all mean that a fraction of a second would make very little difference.

    And to make things more complicated:
    – could the gunman get a headshot in time?
    – would the gunman have enough time to shoot the hand of the person with the knife?
    – could the gunman block the knife if he was a skilled enough fighter?
    – once the knifeman has stabbed, he'll most likely be in for a full round.
    – due to (modern/any) medicine, the gunman attacked with the knife will have a better chance of recovery than vice versa.
    – what if there are more than two people involved? What if there's more than one gunman, so that the knifeman couldn't reach both of them?

    I think this doesn't go into anywhere near enough detail, and the myth is much more complicated than shown here. I personally think the knifeman is done for, even if he has a reasonable chance of taking the gunman down with him.

    Also this is a bit rambly, but there's a lot to talk about.

  2. Darkaero says:

    Unless you shoot them in the head (not likely, or wise, against a running attacker) they're not just going to stop when they get shot. Even shot in the chest multiple times you can stay on your feet and move for some time, easily long enough for them to stab you multiple times. And by then your gun isn't really going to help much when you're getting stabbed repeatedly.

  3. NateLB says:

    Yeah but, what if you have one in the chamber? Adams draw is surprisingly quick, if he didn't have to rack the slide each time I think he would have won the 16ft

  4. Clinton says:

    18 feet for an untrained gunman carrying without one in the chamber that can't move while drawing. With some training and one in the chamber, that distance gets cut in half easily.

  5. Axton Dragunov says:

    they are forgetting that they are also expecting the attacker, a concealed or open carry person (including cops) have to reach either under their shirts (except cops i will explain later) and draw their weapon which is most likey secured via strap or other method and then take aim and fire and that is if the attack is expected and is prepared for (ie already seeing the attacker and having your hand on your gun) and police are atincreaswed risk since they are in such close proximity to a possible attacker in fact police training states to stand at least 15 feet away from a suspect that isn't already in custody TL;DR your concealed carry is almost useless at melee or stabbing range and that is if you are expecting the attack

  6. Destiny Universe says:

    There are probably a million comments like this but back then they had revolvers and master gunman would be a lot faster than you. I suggest that you already have it cocked to compensate for that and make jamie scarier to pump more adrenaline.

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