My own personal training in Jeet – Kune – Do Training



My own personal training in Jeet – Kune – Do – Filipino Martial Arts – Explosive JKD Trapping – Urban Combat street self defense tactics. For more information …

25 thoughts on “My own personal training in Jeet – Kune – Do Training

  1. TheShinobi32 says:

    He does train with weights he uses a nautilus machine-the universal gym you see in his clips Bruce Lee had and used a universal gym and free weights but Emil would not have to use free weights to be as good as Bruce alot of good martial artist through the years just used calistenics to strengthen there bodies Bruce used calistenics to Bruce also injured his lower back lifting free weights he did not injure it by getting kicked in the back as shown in the movie the dragon the Bruce Lee story.

  2. TheShinobi32 says:

    Hey and remember when it comes to weapons you have tonfas,sais,swords of different kinds,shurikens,climbing claws,knives,spears,bow and arrows,spikes,the short stick,scarf,rope,double sticks,bo staff,nunchucks,smoke bombs,spikes or different kinds,brass knuckles,blow guns,kamas and more.

  3. TheShinobi32 says:

    Hey Emil if your feet were as fast as your hands brother you would really be deadly lol but your still one of the best martial artist i have ever seen and im 37 and have watched them since i was a little kid if you were slim and trim you would probably be even faster especialy with your feet.

  4. TheShinobi32 says:

    People that say ah kung fu or wing chun is crap i would like to see them fight you Emil like Joe Rogan from fear factor for example he thinks that kung fu and wing chun are crap and want work in the streets lol and he knows taekwondo and brazilian jujitsu but you would destroy him in a stand up fight so would Master Wong who is on youtube also and knows tai chi,wing chun and jeet kune do.

  5. B says:

    Remember when Royce beat Shamrock? Or when Nogueira beat Bob Sapp?
    Strength helps, yes. But technique over comes power.
    Ronda beat Julia Budd who is stronger than her, and Tate is arguably stronger.
    Ronda just looked like she out muscled her because she is so dominant because of her Judo background.
    It's not easy to place in the Olympics lol

  6. B says:

    Like I said, it's not the Martial Art, it's the Martial Artist.
    I'm sure you could find a Wing Chun practitioner who could beat a trained MMA guy, probably not many lol, but do you see my point?

    That is simply not true, arm bars are not all about strength. She has so much technique it's not even funny, ask every fighter she has fought. All arm bar wins, even when the girls knew what was coming. Ronda also trains BJJ with Ceaser Gracie, and 10th Planet. I think her BJJ is going to be just fine.

  7. elitept says:

    Walshy! I can see we have reached the limits of your intellectual ability and you're now resorting to the traditional english 'pub' method of trying to win an argument, vulgarity!
    Bruce Lee's would not win inside the cage against a trained MMA fighter because his ideas did not evolve from winning real fights inside the cage. Vale Tudo, BJJ evolved from no holds barred tournaments. JKD did NOT.

  8. Niall Walsh says:

    I never once said that Bruce Lee would be great in MMA so what the fuck are you talking about?? Just because he couldn't beat most of them from his lack of wrestling and BJJ doesn't take away from the fact he was one of the first to take a few different styles of fighting and combine them to make his own now does it, u moron!

  9. 999berlo says:

    Oh and to the guys arguing about Bruce Lee inventing MMA, Vale Tudo has existed in Brazil for about 90 years now, what Lee did was popularise martial arts and the JKD philosophy of using anything that is useful.

  10. 999berlo says:

    I'd agree with all of that except the bit about steroids making you faster, the majority of them tend to actually make you slower (at least whilst you're actually on them) according to Victor Conte.

  11. elitept says:

    Have a look at the early UFC fights. You will see a BJJ practitioner(Royce Gracie) arm barring a japanese judo practitioner.
    Its the strength advantage against weaker opponents who lack a real ground game which enables Rousey to apply her arm bars.
    The day Rousey comes across a stronger opponent who has a black belt in BJJ she gonna have real problems. I hope for Rouseys sake she has excellent striking from training with boxers and the Diaz brothers!

  12. B says:

    JKD in the traditional sense would not work at all, I'm saying JKD SHOULD be MMA by the definition of JKD. But people still like to do the stuff that won't really work, like the hand slapping stuff and the "if you try and punch like this, I will move like this and throw all this shit" regardless that the other person would not be standing there playing patty cake and getting slapped around.
    Judo on the other hand is an effective grappling martial art, it is Ronda Rousey's bread and butter.

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