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43 thoughts on “MY OPINIONS about KNIFING in BLACK OPS 4! (IS IT BAD?) – COD BO4

  1. pogijuice9061 says:

    The knifing and combat axe or meleeing on bo4 is literally dogshit compared to ww2 which I loved. Tried it. Never gonna use it cos the hit detection is literally garbage cos I knew I stabbed the dude and my life bar just melted. Its dogshit. Going back to ww2 to satisfy my needs.

  2. HeroesOfTheStorm Murky says:

    Wow. Thought it would go from three slots for the knife to 2 or 1, but instead went to 4. How you like dem apples?

    Also, you got 3 hell storm missile kills around 1:40. I thought you only used the knife…that’s why you only run UAV and C-UAV and not even care package..

  3. Anthony Allen says:

    Hardcore all the way because if you don’t have the bayonet or melee knife you’ll lose regardless especially when core you really don’t die as fast with the self aid ,tak-5 , and armor. Zero balance treyarch lol

  4. BP4 Gaming says:

    there is no lunge or assist for knifing. me and my friends are going for dark matter, and are on knives, yet we stab people right in their face and it doesnt kill. so many times ive flanked behind someone, stabbed them 3 or 4 times, and they just kill me. not to mention dead silence and ghost doesnt work. people are still turning around knowing im there somehow, and they arent using acoustic sensor. so they cant hear me and cant see me, yet the still know right where i am at all times. the knife is so inconsistent. trash hit detection.

  5. Thrivez says:

    Every beta. i try not to judge the game too quick. Ive played about 3-4 hours of the beta and have reached max level in about an hour and a half. I love the game and will return to destroy kids on the game but the biggest problem i have with the game is that i get the worst kids in the world on my team every game. I carry drop 40+ kills in tdm and kill confirmed and still lose. TREYARCH PLZ GET VONDY OFF MY TEAM

  6. rG Theifs says:

    Yo I was just in random playgrounds and someone is pretending to be you, I think, if u could reply to me saying if it was your no that would be dope, it was random playgrounds like 20 minutes ago

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