17 thoughts on “My favourite HOME TRAINING EQUIPMENT – TRX REVIEW

  1. Kemet First says:

    Nick I really think you should give the Jungle Gym XT by lifeline USA a chance. It has two seperate straps & stronger & thicker handles & foot straps & it's cheaper! I don't know if you have a Sport Chek in Montreal but it's on special for $69.98(CDN). Check out the demos on youtube

  2. Ferenc Fajkusz says:

    I can give a + for TRX! 😉
    I did 36 classes in about 3 months and it helped me a lot! Especially the core! BUTBUTBUT!!! You have to get a good instructor to explain the pitfalls for it as you can hurt yourself if you don't perform the moves properly!
    You have to do proper warm up and stretching, before and after!
    Make sure, that the length of the "rope" – the grip – falls where you naturally keep your hands beside you, so you don't put any weight on it and yet the rope is loose and flapping around either but stiff… sorry for the lack of proper word. All this when when you're under the "hook".

    There are 2 more positions for the grip where you have to be careful with the height:
    There are moves which requires to have the loop for your foot at knee height,
    Any time you're on the floor using the loop you should have the bottom of the loop touching the tip of your trainers.

    Other tips: Don't rush! Take the exercises slowly at first, let your muscles get used to the new forms of motion!
    When you're doing any sort of squat work out or that requires you to lean back with your arm fully extended and then retract DO NOT DROP YOURSELF to the lower position to quickly straighten your arms!!! YOU WILL HURT YOURSELF! Your wrists, elbow joints and shoulder joints will suffer, especially your Elbows!!!

    Don't forget: DO the exercises correctly first then speed up as you get stronger! If you're doing a class, DO NOT TRY to be as quick as the others because you don't know for the first time how experienced they are. Is he a new guy/girl and doesn't fo the points that I've mentioned before or he/she is an experienced TRX-er!

    If you are having a class and the trainer doesn't explain all these that I just mentioned I would highly suggest to look for someone else or you risk to get injured!

    Oh and it goes without saying that keep your back straight, your core tight and your butt tucked in not sticking it out!;)

    I hope this helped all the new comers to TRX and enjoy the sweetness of your sweat when you're off the hook! :–))))

    Yeah, keep up the good work Nick!;)

  3. Swiss Militis Christi LXXII says:

    Looks cool but 300 $. Fraulein Stranzl is very quick with a knife, I saw her in your last video. I imagine her stabbing, slashing, changing angles of attack with a kitchen knife. She's dangerous, but I'm sure she is a nice and honest girl. It's written on her face, she's not the kind of girl aiming to destroy a man, like the mother of my kids did to me.

  4. SgtFitnessOnline says:

    Suspension trainers are great! But go w/ the original jungle gym by the inventor of suspension trainers Jon Hinds of Monkey Bar Gym and lifeline-usa for $50 or less and save big $$$. Or if you want even more variety the Universal Strength Apparatus if they still make "em?

  5. jrufus11 says:

    you should have an overhead anchor it gives you more variety of exercises or a long protruding anchor from the wall so you could workout side on to wall giving you more range of motion,the wall just blocks the space to be able to do curtain exercises

  6. EJ Olguin says:

    tell that lady happy birthday. ..lol just kidding Helen. ….Nick you old man great video. love the TRX ..hey Nick do a the daily ritual video what you do and take like supplements which eat just to prepare for the day something simple maybe make it into a little mini series probably after you get back

  7. Nagol Bud says:

    Just buy a rope and tie two loops in it… there's your gym for less than 4 dollars…. I'm guessing the TRX thing costs at least 40-50… you could even buy a couple rubber handles for a buck each and make it super nice 😉

  8. George Ellhvas says:

    I have been doing TRX training for around 6 months and my body has changed dramatically. It is a very good training that gives you strength, endurance , flexibility and really powers up your core. Many people underestimate the effectiveness and the benefits of this training, but please trust me, it is a hell of a lot harder than you think.

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