My Favorite Way To Throw a Spear



Cold Steel Assegai.

19 thoughts on “My Favorite Way To Throw a Spear

  1. Jesse Mitchell says:

    amusing that modern people think the shaft isnt long enough for survival purposes or throwing, yet it was invented and frequently used by people who lived in the wilderness

  2. Lipzig Schweitzer says:

    for anyone saying the shaft is too short, it is, for throwing. assegai aren't throwing weapons though. they are intended as melee weapons, like a dagger or Bowie knife, but with superior range due to the longer grip. our illustrious channel host here throws all kinds of things that aren't intended as throwing weapons, he's just that damned good. 🙂

  3. RVM451 says:

    Years ago I saw some New Guineans or Borneans throwing some light duty spears UNDERHANDED. Have you ever seen anyone use that technique or have you tried it yourself?
    {A kind of Sidearmed Underhand…}

  4. Vinny V says:

    That last full spin throw with the spear head attached is probably more effective than throwing just the spear head because there's more weight and less spin. You should try like a thorn style no spin throw.

  5. A Fucking Leaf says:

    Probably wouldn't be a good melee weapon at all. It's a spear. The idea is to thrust with it, as that's what it was designed for. If you only have a 3 foot spear that offers no hand protection, someone with a sword is just going to cut your hands off. If you try and slash, the head might come off unless you have a wedge hammered in there to keep it secure, but then you lose portability. The shortest I'd ever go for a spear is 4 feet overall, provided I had a shield as well. Even then, 6 foot shaft is better. Stick em with the pointy end before they even get close enough to hit you back.

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