My Everyday Carry Gear – A Lightweight EDC Load Out

This is a quick look at the Everyday Carry Gear (EDC Gear) that I typically carry with me pretty much every where I go. I tend to think that a person who is …

47 thoughts on “My Everyday Carry Gear – A Lightweight EDC Load Out

  1. Jeff Gibson says:

    I like the fact that your stuf actually looks like you carry it. A little gentle wear . Ive recently bought a small edc sling bag and am trying to decide what I want to carry in it.
    Good video as usual.

  2. AARON780281 says:

    Enjoyed the video very much sir. Liked the fact that it wasn't like ALL the others with the low quality "table top" that ends up looking more like showing off than information sharing. Well thought out vid from start to end. Well done sir.

  3. Albert Head says:

    Subscribed. You talk good sense, guy. Good to see. You must have served. Which mob were you in?  That little Taurus is a beauty! Too bad we have such pansy gun laws here in Canada. Carrying that would land me in jail for a three stretch and I'd never have a firearm or hunt again. I'd vote for the first politician who sought to change things, but it's unlikely to happen in this liberal, tree-hugger society (not that I don't love this country…I do!). Hence no gun in town (only in the bush where I carry a Chiappa mare's leg in .44 mag or maybe my shorty 12 gauge (no, really THAT is THE smallest it gets here legally)). The Chapstick line was funny. Great up here in the winter to aboid chapped lips (which can get VERY bad if not looked after), but I have also used it on the fuel pump seal of a Coleman classic 2-burner stove at -30C to get a better seal. Works well! One thing about the knife: Handy to reverse the clip to the other end of the handle so the can be deployed directly from the pocket (one-handed) in a pinch. My Emerson works like that (with the hook to catch on the pocket) and is a great blade. Cheers, AH

  4. DPeter1967 says:

    I love the .380's…I have both the TCP(s) and Bodyguard..
    I like the Bodyguard better, but the TCP is half the price. I place them (TCP's) in my BOB's because they're cheap and ULTRA light. I also carry a Girber F.A.S.T. and Cree 200 – 250 lumen tactical flashlights. A BSA striker stays on my keychain
    Great Videos!!!

  5. MrMkwagner says:

    ADD s traction grip to the TCP. The straight lines on th grip are great traction for Up down recoil but slick for horizontal pulls as in drawing the weapon. The rubber traction grips makes it perfect.

  6. thencamethedead says:

    Oh yeah what holster is that? I was having a hard time finding a good holster for my tcp, I recently bought the decantis the maverick for the s & w bodgguard .380 for my tcp because I couldn't find any others with a thumb break. But it fits and is so nice but still looking for others.

  7. thencamethedead says:

    gummy, i love my TCP and LCP for EDC, I have a 9 but its a back up. I usually carry my ruger or Taurus, I trust my life with both of them and so do a lot of others. If it were a BO scenario I'd take all of mine with me but for EDC it'll be either one of them. Not too small, not too big. The rounds aren't that much smaller than a 9 either, they are smaller but not like .22. with JHP or FMJ it'll do just fine + easier to conceal.

  8. thencamethedead says:

    Glad to see another person using the TCP as their main carry/EDC item. I also use my TCP as main carry, it's a great little firearm. If I wasn't using that as my main one, I'd use my LCP but I like my LCP better so I'm trying to keep it as back up. Good video!

  9. Joes World says:

    i like to carry my pf-9, but i end up with my taurus 380 most of the time because its so small and light, and easier to shoot than my derringer. Sometimes my Ruger sr22 when im hiking, all depends on my mood lol Nice video

  10. Alexn1067 says:

    dude, I just carry a 1911 and a spare mag. I live in an urban environment, so I'm not too worried about the elements, I'm more worried about human elements lol.

    I've thought about switching to something light, but there is something about a hefty pistol, it just reminds you that you are carrying and I believe it helps keep you alert. My mindset is that you shouldn't be comfortable carrying, you should be comfortable shooting the gun as opposed to carrying…and that is a trade off

  11. GlockmanGG says:

    I carry a Kel-Tec PF-9 and a extra mag ,it's flat and easy to hide ,light weight , I like the Glock 23,36 but the bulky in the summer , I carry a knife and a cell phone ,that's it I'm Out

  12. Soonerbldr says:

    I agree on the smaller pistol. I used to carry a M&P 40c or Glock 23 and I switched to a Sig P238, but with the ammo shortage I bought an XDs. Put it in my pocket and it vanishes.

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