My EDC Neck Knife Setup 2017

I just wanted to share how I have set up the Extrema Ratio NK1 for an everyday carry neck knife. Music used: Exigence by Aaron Spencer …

15 thoughts on “My EDC Neck Knife Setup 2017

  1. James Ritchie says:

    I know most people want a breakaway chain or cordage on a neck knife, but I don't believe in that, and I've met quite a few true experts, including Army Rangers and Navy Seals, who also say a breakaway chain or cordage is a bad idea.

    I can't find a singe case where anyone was choked by a neck knife cord, whether by an attacker, or by catching it on something in the woods. I can find a lot of cases where people lost good knives because they used a breakaway cord or chain.

    As one Army Ranger said, if I'm in a fight and someone tries to choke me with the cord on my neck knife, he may have the cord, but I'm going to have the knife, and I'm going to slice him into little pieces before he can let go.

    I'm a lot more worried about losing my knife in a fight than I am about being choked. If you've never tried going through self-defense scenarios with a neck shield and a robber knife, you should. It might well change your mind about breakaway cordage. If the breakaway is at the back of your neck, someone behind you is not going to grab it so it breaks. He grabs both sides, and you still get choked.

    So if you're worried about an assailant choking you, the break away should be where the cordage goes through the sheath, or it's useless to prevent choking. If an assailant grabs it front the front, he has control of the sheath, and probably the knife, if you're slow in drawing it and the cordage breaks. But from the front, he'll go after the knife if it's still in the sheath, and won't try to grab anything if the knife is in your hand.

    If your neck knife is even a tempting target from the front, it almost always mean the cord is too long. If it's a target from the back, good, you'll still have the knife, you can grab the sheath with your other hand to prevent being choke, and his legs will be in range of your knife.

    Breakaway cordage is highly unlikely to save my life. Maintaining control and possession of my knife very well could save my life in a number of ways.

    In the woods, there is no danger when walking, and if you're running, and when was the last time you were running in the woods, off a trail, the neck knife should be inside your shirt, jacket, or coat. Breakaway cordage or not, hanging it outside just means asking for problems. Again, I'm not worried about being choked. People have been carrying all sorts of things around their necks for thousands of years without a choking problem, but I am worried about the cordage breaking, and losing my knife, or scattering my neck knife accessories all over the place.

    Breakaway cordage is one of those things that sounds like a great idea, but that just doesn't work in the real world.

    And the last thing I want is neon orange on any of my gear. It's as likely to vanish into the mud as a knife is, and I've never lost anything because it didn't have bright orange on it. If I have orange on my gear so I can see it, then other people can see me. It doesn't make much sense to buy things that are camouflaged, and then destroy the camouflage by attaching bright orange to it. If I actually need to find something in the dark, or in the mud, which I shouldn't have to do unless I'm careless, then I'll use one of my flashlights.

    Camouflage makes sense on a knife handle and sheath, but it doesn't make any sense at all on a knife blade. It may look cool, but there's nothing good about it, other than looks. A black coating over the entire blade is no better. Even on a Ka-Bar, the coating should be removed from the secondary bevel. It makes sharpening much easier, it makes finding a dropped knife much easier, the knife is still protected on the upper blade where it matters, and no, you don't have to worry about an enemy seeing the bevel by reflected light. The exposed area is too small to matter in the dark, and in the daylight the entire blade is visible, coated or not.

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