MUST WATCH (Best Self Defense Technique in a Fight)

If you are under pressure, there are ways to survive without taking any chances. Learn how to stop an attack using these simple but effective techniques in a …

41 thoughts on “MUST WATCH (Best Self Defense Technique in a Fight)

  1. Daxis Perry says:

    Commando Krav Maga = Guy with crappy mcdojo backround making up his own system and calling it Krav Maga for marketing purposes. Oh, and why not throw Commando onto the name to make it sound like elite military units use it.

  2. Chipchase says:

    If you’ve had the training and are confident in your ability to control the situation this may well work effectively, but if the last time you threw a punch was when you were 14 and are now middle aged, I’d say the chances of blocking or deflecting a fast punch are almost zero. The best advice I heard – if the attacker is unarmed – is to close the gap fast and get inside the attackers punching range. Crowd him, and get yours in. Or plan b, be alert, read the situation and get away.

  3. Quarterback x says:

    The first time he did the move it did not look so good. When he showed the first move a second time, it was much better. Though you dont need to swing your striking arm back so to have a larger swing for it to work. If a person does that to an experienced fighter, it could backfire against him, not to mention it is an extra move that just is not needed.
    The move works well when done right.
    Maybe he is showing cocking the striking arm swinging back for beginners and for people new to the move to better see what is going.

  4. Bryan Holland says:

    We just have to make sure we instruct the attacker on how we want him to attack us so that we're ready for it when it comes. My question is, how do we sit down and have this conversation before the fight.
    "Excuse me sir, I need you to come at me this way. So don't go for my legs, don't try to bowl me to the ground or anything. I can only defend myself if you come at me from a specific angle and I need you to make sure you're attacking high instead of low so I can win the fight 'kay?"

    "Oh for sure sir… I'll totally do that!"

  5. WillieTheWimp McMichael says:

    practice dancing especially the twist , maybe the Robot or the jerk and then the offender will get a cramp from laughing and then smile as you rip their heart out and hand to them . now that takes a little conditioning of the hand

  6. Karma Akabane says:

    IF your ever attacked by a drugged up person, that hasn't drank water in 2.5 days, and or eaten in over a week, also has never worked out in their life and is barly able to move… this attack will work every time ^_^

    Also .3% of the time, it works every time ^_^

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