MUST SEE!!! No Bullshit Demos here. Just Hard Training & Fighting!!

You’ve seen the demos with complacent training partners. You’ve seen how easy they make it look. Well this isn’t that. This isn’t easy. This is hard fucking work.

39 thoughts on “MUST SEE!!! No Bullshit Demos here. Just Hard Training & Fighting!!

  1. Mister B says:

    Sometimes it needs to hurt… Nice presentation of a training method. Trying to train in a "realer" situation in self defense is the better way, the real life so does write, sadly, many times an even harder story

  2. Ham Bone says:

    I agree the only way to train is to train hard, train like your life depends on it, because it may very well depend on it. And in the middle of a fight for your life there is no one going to stop when you tap or say ouch. Fight to live, live to fight. Should be your new motto!
    just saying. Love your videos funker

  3. zoso says:

    Training in a realistic environment is always a bonus. Training on a road surface wearing your normal dress and shoes is a totally different ball game. Restrictive motion, of denims the added weight of shoes, the lack of warm up, the fact also you will be in different mindset

  4. Nick L says:

    This video makes me wanna join and train in the sense that the training looks fun, the Dog Brothers videos make me wanna run and hide from anyone carrying a stick because their "sparring" does not look fun at all. I get that real life isn't fun but having fun is the easiest and fastest way to learn period.

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