Must See! Eskrima Stick Fighting Techniques

Eskrima, Arnis, and Kali are umbrella terms for the traditional martial arts of the Philippines (“Filipino Martial Arts,” or FMA) that emphasize weapon-based …

32 thoughts on “Must See! Eskrima Stick Fighting Techniques

  1. Kustan420 says:

    Adapt or die. It is the same in every art. I was trained in spear, but picked up arnis on my own a few years back watching Inosanto at play. Escrima is an impressive and most of all FUN way of training all aspects of your body and mind. From footwork to reflexes, movesets to philosophy, it is truly engrossing. If you are passionate about martial arts, this is one worth spending a little time with, if only to play with your friends.

  2. 67Mannheim says:

    F–k! the old guy looks like he's just playing around! poor young man looks panicked and anxious in every move….somebody has to tell the old master that he has to slow down in his instructions!:)

  3. Timothy Armstrong says:

    Hey Paul, When you were into the flow you dropped the non attacking arm. Why? My reason for bringing non attacking arm across center is to protect my core center if any thing would get through. Were the attack would be non lethal. Just a question my friend. Take care

  4. Kaleb Kyle says:

    What good is this against multiple baseball bat swings, these videos actually do more harm than good, if people believe them and then walk into trouble with a false sense of security.

    If someone attacks you with a stick . . . RUN, or if that's impossible take them to the ground (mma single or double leg) and make them carry your weight. Hard to swing sticks from their back.

  5. Nike Mozack says:

    Linguistic speaking, Escrima it's a Spanish word, meaning sword play. And my question is how do you deal with a blade, because I see there is a lot of contact beteeen the hand and the stick, which one can't when there is a blade involved.

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