Murder suspect surprises cop with knife



A suspect wanted for a homicide pulled a knife on Ohio police officer Joshua Hilling after he stopped him for illegally walking on a highway. Prosecutors praised …

49 thoughts on “Murder suspect surprises cop with knife

  1. Messiah TV says:

    0:40 lmao if the suspect were smart criminal he would've turn back steal the police car and run off the police man on high way to heavens lmaao, its a poor man who needs a shrink, not a pro crimial … i wonder who judged him

  2. K K says:

    Great policing! Give this man a promotion and use this as a training videos that seems to be seriously needed for many American police.

  3. Tehui says:

    I give credit where it's due. The cop did a good job here. I see bad cops on You Tube all the time, but this cop isn't one of them.

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