Multiple Attackers Mugging a Couple



What would you do if you were robbed by 2 attackers at knifepoint while walking on the …

37 thoughts on “Multiple Attackers Mugging a Couple

  1. Impulse PDR says:

    Spot-on here, Nick. We tend to focus on the wrong things (fancy disarms) when avoidance is first priority. The decision is pretty easy when it involves property, just hand it over. The scenario changes dramatically when the attacker escalates to wanting body or life.

  2. Vlad MRenaud says:

    Very smart indeed !
    I like the way you defuse the situation while staying between your girfriends and those guys. I suppose having some scenarios done with your girlfriend is a good way to simulates those situations and make sure both of you act accordingly. Really like your approach; keep it up !

  3. Cool Looking Idiots says:

    These videos are so informative and well put together. I like the way you describe real world scenarios and how to react. I was a boxer for many years and a middle line backer in highschool. I felt confident in defending myself, but these videos have taught me so many things. I can't stop watching them and showing them to my wife to teach her as well. Awesome man! You have a new subscriber.

  4. XXXKoka LopaXXX says:

    all this bullshit no one can beat 2 people on 1 man punch the first one the other bastard is smash u to the ground stop with this bullcrap wasting your time. even a monster guy can't fight to people it's impossible they will kill you in 2 seconds trust me. even if you fuck the first guy the other guy will suprise you and bash you like piece of rag.

  5. macewindu125 says:

    Awesome man,I am glad that you showed us a realistic approach to the situation because it is not always worth to put your life and the life of others in danger.Keep up the good work!

  6. Najee Firefox says:

    In a situations like this I would tell my girl to run and get help while I deal with them and I would use cheap shots since anything goes in a street fight. I think your videos rock and its real.

  7. John Stoker says:

    I carry a pistol and so does my wife. The very first step to our plan (we've talked about this same scenario) is for her to leave immediately while I stay between her and them. If they insist on her giving up her purse (she doesn't carry in a purse for just this reason) or jewelry she's to drop them or toss them to the side while still looking for the first opportunity to leave regardless of my situation. I can deal better with her safely away.

  8. X says:

    I just wanted to thank you, for helping people taking responsibility for their own lifes and the lifes of their beloved. great video, great lesson!

  9. Walkingtarget205 says:

    Excellent video, knowing you could more than likely take them with your knowledge and practice! I work in a trauma centre and see lots of stabbing/shooting/blunt injuries, this more heroric and demonstrates violence should be a last resort especially when loved ones are in play! Great work i really appreciate you and your team putting these videos in play! Keep it up!

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