Mugging Defense in a Staircase



In this scenario we show a mugging defense in a staircase. In that case you realise how quickly an attack can happen. A knife attack can indeed be extremely …

27 thoughts on “Mugging Defense in a Staircase

  1. Official Silke F says:

    I just got into a fight on street 3 hours ago and I would like to talk about it. I went chilled trough the streets and some little street on the side I passed and in this little side street some junkie like drug bully guy was hanging around. He was looking at a wall and at the sky and on his hands. He saw me and asked me friendly how I feel. I told him that I´m busy and he should not try to disturb me when I got someone on the cel phone. I was talking with a friend over cell phone at that moment. He, this drug like bully guy on the street, he got suddenly angry and told me that I should never ever again piss him off. But I had no connection at all to him. And he pissed me off at that moment. But he was about to take off his jacket and beat me up. He came to me. And all this went so fast – out of nothing – and I was still talking with a friend on my cell phone. So I had the only option to get loud with him and tell him that he should better move back and stop disturbing me because I did nothing to him. He stopped and started to go inside of his mind, looked at me and turned around. He went back to the house and looked at the wall and after this he started to look down on the street floor. This guy was really creepy and his age is late 20s or early 30s. He´s a bully and into fights. In my city many bully drug guys like him run around and attack people and also they beat up females on the street to get their money. Its dangerous. So I would like to ask you guys what you would do in such a moment? A fight breaks out of nowhere and you are not even part of the situation, because you are busy with something else, but the attacker is pulling you into his fight situation, while you have nothing at all to do with his mental problem reality. How would you guys deal with such guys and their attacks? Its not nice to have such evil people within the society. They are like possessed zombies, ready to attack everyone, out of nowhere, just like that, for nothing. This is silly.

  2. Boyar Valishin says:

    @NickDrossos how do you suggest training palm strikes in a muay thai or boxing gym? I wanna spar and hit pads to be confident with using my palms in a real situation but my training is of course, closed fists.

  3. ICE GHOST says:

    today i haved a street fight… only thing i remembered from Nick is low line kicks .. i threw one , and a cross right on his face that maked him bleed like a river

  4. jhonnyjutsu says:

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