Mugging Approaching Car – Women Self Defense

Free self-defense video ▻ What would you do if you were mugged approaching your car? Whether you are a man …

21 thoughts on “Mugging Approaching Car – Women Self Defense

  1. Gloriously Raw says:

    Yeah, this is definitely where awareness comes into play. She should have known there was someone there. She should have turned around and gotten the heck outta there or something….I know if I saw someone by my car or behind me I would turn around and face them or find the nearest place to seek refuge like a crowded restauraunt or store or something.

  2. Bonecrusher27WTF says:

    Great video and great advice. I'm glad you didn't give some bullshit super hero defence counter because in that position, just looking at that leverage the mugger has, you can pretty much forget it. Respect to you.

  3. Tyler Lalonde says:

    yup if couse you start at the point where they fucked up completely. so instead of pointing ouy her horrible acting and emphasize being aware must be to hard or to useful. so more bullshit!

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