Muay Thai: The Superman Punch!

A detailed video on the tactics, technique and history of the Superman punch! Enjoy the video, try it our yourself and leave a comment below! This is episode 11 …

23 thoughts on “Muay Thai: The Superman Punch!

  1. Daniel Wilson says:

    Muay Thai is one of my favorite martial arts. This guy has the mental stuff down and he seems very knowledgeable, but his demonstration skills are lacking. I'm not sure if it is because he is trying to slow it down or if he is not a natural fighter. I like this channel. There's a lot of real applicable stuff and great instructors. To someone who hasn't seen anything else from you guys; this would be make them think otherwise. I am not trying to disrespect the man. Maybe he can truly fight. The demonstration seemed like he read all the books, but never got to practice it.

  2. Mayckon Wolf says:

    The techniques of the second demo don't work against me,i just parry and strike your face with a hard right punch and because you use the force and balance of your body to give this strike.
    If the guy try give me this punch i the air i just get out of the way,serious…this work against someone of low guard,BUT the techniques of the first demo are pretty useful.

  3. Educated Charizard says:

    I love this channel and I've been doing Filipino martial arts for over a decade. But I only see this being practical in sport setting. Because what i noticed is that he kept dropping his hands when he kicked (bad technique) and he telegraphed the punch. I understand this is just a demo, but I would prefer to see how it's actually suppose to be executed (if done correctly).

  4. Jakob W says:

    What if in that flinch moment the adversary (mistakenly) launches a DEFENSIVE COUNTER ATTACK? Now you don't have a momentary PASSIVE observer! Even if he (the adversary), is responding to a feint, he can still do damage.

  5. Jayce Black says:

    I can assure you that this could 100% be applied and set up in any fight, but also for tactical purpose I personally use a lot of knees, elbows, and hardcore body shots. No one knows how to fight with you up in their grill, but with carefully placed knees to the ribs and elbows to the chest, ribs and face your opponent will more than likely buckle because in a street fight your opponent isnt trained so when he's hit and his muscles tighten and he finds it harder to move or gets hit and can't move at all he won't know what to do other than to curl in a fetal posistion and at that point you're safe you should know better than to continue. I've knocked out and tko'd just about every person I've fought out of the ring just with basic body shots. you think being up close would give them the chance to hug you or try to toss you but with carefully placed body shots to their ribs and kidneys and stomach they will lock up and lose their strength which will leave them unable to grab you in a way that can throw you off. He will hust step into more hardcore body shots.

  6. Zen-Dragon says:

    The whole approach of setting up one combination to have your opponent confuse your next combination with the previous one is well suited for sparring or professional fighting against martial artists, but for self defense, where's it's more of a chess like approach to combat. In self defense, things typically end quicker and your opponent isn' looking for patterns. Other than that it's an effective technique 🙂

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