Muay Thai and Boxing footwork and evasions Tutorial 1.

The first in an introductory tutorial on footwork and evasions.This first video deals with footwork of the lower body.The second video will deal with the upperbody.

30 thoughts on “Muay Thai and Boxing footwork and evasions Tutorial 1.

  1. magnum567134 says:

    Just tried my first Muay Thai class and struggled a little. Since I grew up doing TKD, I felt like I had no mobility with the stance. But you're moving around quite a bit here! Guess it's just something to get use to.

  2. Brandon RamireZ says:

    I was wondering I had reconstructive surgery on my right knee a year and a half ago(ACL) , I wasn't able to get physical therapy. Wanted to ask for some good workouts to strengthen my weak rear leg, it hurts more on that side when someone checks my kick than when they check my left leg which is heavier since it doesn't have missing muscles and an original knee! Love the videos thanks for the help!

  3. Grim Reaper says:

    get well soon master i wanted to ask that how long do you think i have to wait for a hamstring tear so i can come back 100% my tear is a first degree not too serious i think

  4. Samir Seif says:

    I am still a south paw at heart,so you definitely know me,or have seen my fights.i have switched to orthodox since last year after my third knee surgery.I find putting my left forward takes all the twisting and pressure from my knee,as it has most of the meniscus gone and missing the ACL.come visit soon!

  5. Samir Seif says:

    I wish one of these panther,or budo companies would pick me up-I believe people would really enjoy a full series of how to train lesson by lesson.
    Thank you so much for the support!

  6. donnie ward says:

    Samir you could make a whole DVD on just this topic and slipping and countering and breaking each step down and it would sale out… The reason I know this is because 90 percent of the people I know especially the first year ones this is their main questions and problems. Alot of MMA gyms or dominate grappling gyms dont teach or know alotta footwork and I think tht is a big thing missing. Even on youtube there isnt alot of really good instructionals broken down with footwork and the next step

  7. chocholmaster says:

    i kick very badly , and i cant pivot its so hard for me , i am very tight and not kicking hard , could you make video about just kicking and drills that would help me use more hips to kicks , greetings from Poland and keep up the good work !

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