Mtech Tactical Throwing Karambit Neck Knife Review



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12 thoughts on “Mtech Tactical Throwing Karambit Neck Knife Review

  1. California Native says:

    You didn’t place the sheath on your belt properly. If you reverse it then the sheath will fit more securely to your belt and the karambit will draw out to a defense position when u deploy it if your right handed

  2. Benjamin Jensen says:

    I got this knife before this video at big 5 sporting good for 9.99 so its good for the price and the tip is suupee pointy and sharp but the blade is not so good and could use a sharpening

  3. claponclapoff6 says:

    Hello. About this knife .The knife is to be worn on the belt only. if you are right handed wearing on your left works better for concealment and due to the curve of the blade and draws better from the left. The hollow rivets will pull out if you try to wear as a clipon carry.

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