Mtech knives – garbage or gold?

MTech knives at Amazon I’ve always avoided Mtech knives like the plague. For that matter I’ve always avoided any 440 stainless knife.

41 thoughts on “Mtech knives – garbage or gold?

  1. Uno Carb says:

    Long ago I had one Mtech folder, the joker one..the piece of crapola broke cutting a cardboard box! I only do Boker and Spyderco now no more cheapies for me..

  2. Gear Mods and Repair says:

    Nice review but what about the sheaths? I own the last MTech you reviewed and I like it. It is a copy of the SOG Desert Dagger. You can goggle it. Also The SOG DD was featured in a old show called Potragiest The Legacy… first season. That MTech dagger and the SOG Desert Dagger are identical.

  3. Steven Russell says:

    I only have two Mtec blades. a folding throw away that is nice and reliable. I also bought from a gun show, the Mtec Marine Corp knife. I have mint and used Ka-bars, but this Mtec is a good look a like, the cap is screwed on instead of pressed on. Could come unscrewed, which I have read about on other reviews. The blade is stamped with MT-122 Stainless. Not carbon steel, but has a nice edge out of the box. Like the author said, these are backup blade, use them, break them, chuck them in the trash. The sheath is cheap leather but will do the job. Overall, a 5 on the 1-10 scale, looks pretty, will not depend my life on it.

  4. Gilan Bar Ona says:

    I own two Mtech knives. One of them I have used across the Australian Outback. It did very well. The other, I gave to my son, who uses them for camping and roughing it. It also works very well. You get what you pay for, but in this case, I got good quality for a really good price. In cost benefit and cost effectiveness terms, these knives score very well indeed.

  5. Cynthia Brandon says:

    MTech is a renowned brand of knives and is quite popular bcz of its reliable and durable products. MTech knives are available in all varieties and you will find any knife you want from there. From pocket knives, hunting knives, survival knives, butterfly knives, hidden blade knives, karambit knives to a whole lot others, they make each and everyone of them.

  6. MaharlikaAWA says:

    KNife nerds are dumb. Why collect tons of knives and why use them for things you should be using an axe for? It makes no sense. if you want a knife for self defense all you need is a sharp peice of steel that stabs the enemy. Mtches are perfectly fine for fighting knives and used for actually stabbing and cutting. Why pay 200 bucks for a knife that can do the same thing for 12 bucks?

  7. Rice Villatoro says:

    I don't buy the smaller Mtech knives. I have the Mtech Xtreme Raptor and this knife is The Best knife I have ever owned. This knife is proof you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a more expensive knife such as Becker, Ontario, etc. The Raptor aka MX-8070 is the most Badass knife you will ever behold. instead of doing old mtech knives, you should review the Raptor Bowie, I doubt you will have anything to say about it.

  8. Jason Merth says:

    to be 100% honest, as a knife collector myself, i cary a cheap mtech neck knife just for the pure beat on it purpose… i really dont care if it gets banged up gunk on it or whatever. as long as its pointy enough for self defense it does its job fine. sure i may carry a benchmade in my pocket but nothing beats a crappy beater.

  9. Ronald Dunne says:

    440c is a decent knife steel WHEN PROPERLY TEMPERED. The Early Buck knives were 440c and well-tempered, and made Buck's reputation as good knives. Paul Bos -tempered Bucks were really second to none back in the day, and were to my knowledge highly prized in the later years of the Vietnam War…

  10. Caleb Koff says:

    Knives are tools not weapons you idiot. The only time they become a weapon is while you are carrying your tool on you and then you are assaulted, we already know what knives do to people what we want to know is can it handle day-to-day usage and tasks. There are children watching these videos learn how to word your point.

  11. poncoolride says:

    I bought one to keep in my survival kit in my jeep. Why not? If it gets stolen im not out much money and it will be cheap to replace. It came pllenty sharp and im not afraid to abuse it. It has survived plenty of abuse and holds up to it. Im happy with it and may buy a couple more for my shop and around the house. I keep MY S.O.G super bowie nice and sharp and free of scuffs and scratches and use the m-tech a lot.

  12. Jay N says:

    Are you chewing gum? There is some chewing/smacking sound that is REALLY irritating. I honestly couldn't watch more than a few minutes of the video….

  13. cunning wolf says:

    Mora are at the same price point and I think they are better quality

    Mora uses stainless and carbon steel (HRC61)

    Honestly moraknives look like kitchen knives but the quality and price, along with the special mora only sorta blades like the Chisel and the Eldris.

    Also they are made in Sweden.

  14. Bill Strack says:

    Funny. People hate on 440 steel, but love Buck HC 420. Regardless of good heat treat, 420 is still 420 and, with the same heat treat, 440 is still a bit better and not many years ago was considered decent knife steel.
    Good video anyway. I like some of these MTech's. Besides, I wouldn't cry losing one of these like I would a $50+ knife.

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