MTech Combat Knife / Clip Point Blade

MTech Combat Knife – 10 1/2″ overall. Black 440 stainless steel, one piece construction. Clip point blade with sharpened top edge. Cord wrapped handle with …

17 thoughts on “MTech Combat Knife / Clip Point Blade

  1. Guitarplayabreh says:

    i'd recommend the mtech mt 151 trailmaster copy it's like 20 bucks on amazon or the mtech 096 for like 13 they're very durable but if you want more fighter with a little bit of survival mixed in i'd get the mtech jungle for 17 bucks mtech makes good durable knives that a lot people like for really cheap but if you want something for under 10 bucks that'd be good for fighting and maybe survival you can go to and look at there cheap fixed blades

  2. McCool BeaNs says:

    i'm looking for a knife that is a strong, durable tool that i can rely on in a survival situation. i also want something that i could use in a combat situation as well. and as an added touch of awesomeness, i want it to look cool when paired with a tomahawk. something that has that rugged feel.

  3. Guitarplayabreh says:

    if you're lookin for a good fighting knife for underhand then something like this may be good but if you're an overhand fighter than a tanto like the GI would be best because it can really open a person up if you slash with it if you're lookin for a survival knife this could work but you may want want something bigger for better chopping and batoning but this would be better for carving and maybe light batoning it really depends on what you're lookin for

  4. MrNapalm138 says:

    Its a close copy of the GI Tanto from Cold Steel they actually make one that is a tanto that is vertually identical to it.I wish Cold Steel would make one with this blade profile too.

  5. thatmaninblack says:

    @Killahofosho It's a Far East import. Not the best, but it's ok for the money. I seen similar U.S. made knives (Strider Fixed Blade Knife), but those are priced between $250 and $400.

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