Movie Scenes: flying knives



Here are some knife-throwing/fighting action scenes from famous movies. The movie titles are as follows: The Matrix (1999) Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003) Resident Evil: …

38 thoughts on “Movie Scenes: flying knives

  1. asiantalim says:

    I appreciate the feedback Rick Gould.  As for other movies, well… very limited resources and very little time.  This wont be the last, I'll try my best to make more videos like this. =)

  2. Rick Gould says:

    While Hollywood shoots some fun throwing scenes, break them down and see how many are true to form, or realistically be done. Cool video and I agree with others about having a video with all throwing scenes.

  3. MaharlikaAWA says:

    Well look up everys ingle flying knife or blade in movies even from decades ago. Put them in a clip ONLY showing the blades flying and hitting the target. Like only the person throwing it. You could fit like 500 clips into one video!! That would be rad! What a great project.
    Also old movies like John Wayne cowboy movies wehre he throws his bowie knife, also pirate movies, many kung fu movies, also the movie The Shadow where the knife itself is alive and flies on its own around at people.

  4. asiantalim says:

    I actually had more movies on the initial video I made but I had to take a lot of them out due to copyright issues. Maybe next time I'll try to post others. I don't have a personal copy of House of Flying Daggers though… I'll see what I can do. =)

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