Motivational Monday – Pursuing Happiness!

In this video Nick Drossos and Helen Stranzl are talking about how to pursue happiness. Subscribe to Nick Drossos: …

22 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – Pursuing Happiness!

  1. Zarrell says:

    Great as always! I lingered on that last comment, for a while I’ve limited how many pictures I take and instead enjoy the moment of things (beautiful sunset/food etc.). But I’ve found that at times when outside circumstances are negative or stressful they can get in the way of remembering all the good things and details, like people, places or just little things. So, instead I’ve gone back to taking a lot more pictures. But, always make sure it’s for the right reasons and doesn’t interfere with the ”moment”. Not for social media, not for a fake persona or self image but purely for me and my closest to look back on and to help keep memories alive. Flipping through my photos, even if in a bad mood, always takes me back to being greatful and appreciative.

  2. Hector Cedre says:

    Hey Nick thank you so much I live a little far I live in Massachusetts in Boston if it's okay could you email me your email and I can stay in touch with you a lot of times I go to Vermont and Maine and New Hampshire which is more closer up there and when I'm ever up near there around that area if I have time I'll drive up there and meet with you if that's okay with you ?

  3. Hector Cedre says:

    Hi Nick I want to say thank you for you and your friend and also your channel I've been subscriber and I've been following you for a few years now since you started your channel I really love your advice you've messaged me before and you've email me before and gave me good advice about things on the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you so much and you really changed a life if it's okay I know that you are very busy in your life and doing a lot of amazing things but I wanted to ask if it was okay could I be one of your videos could I assist you or do a motivational Monday with you here's my email (
    It would be a really big honor to help you in one of your videos I am a martial artist to myself and have a background in it as well but again thank you so much everything your the best❤

  4. starrysurprise2 says:

    I'm slowly in transformation right now, I'm trying to further my education and be more physical and I feel that family doesn't always support or understand what I do, really the biggest sources of motivation I get are from my best friend and listening to you.

    God be with Las Vegas

  5. melissa kammers says:

    I have been having a really rough emotional couple of days I didn't take a anxiety pill I wanted to but didn't its just that time for a women u know mother nature…this video helped me feel better! and I agree about what u attract u Helen and now Ian came into my life I talked to ian over the phone a couple nights ago hes such a sweetheart hes thankful we connected im the 1st person to keep liking and sharing his videos its n incredible feeling to be supporting a friend so much and that they tell me how thankful they are!

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