Most Overlooked Item In An INCH Bag

Please add me to your Google + Circles! This video is about what I think is the most overlooked item in an INCH bag.

50 thoughts on “Most Overlooked Item In An INCH Bag

  1. Rob Duncan says:

    I think the most overlooked item in a INCH bag is a halfway decent plan how to survive ie: get 2400+ calories on average per day indefinitely ! So your sling shot is a start however eating meat in high quantities likely to be unhealthy in the long run ( no carbs or fiber in meat ) fiber is very important ! Gathering plant food is very unreliable (not much plants winter,spring ) . So getting enough food will be a almost impossible overwhelming task for nearly everyone. So a comprehensive plan is 1st item on every persons list . A FOOD PLAN ps : still likely to fail

  2. trace Wedhorn says:

    I like the sling bow and my bow and arrow for hunting. But I think the most over looked item is salt for making the meat last longer, so when you get your deer you don't waste the meat

  3. RonJohn63 says:

    0:17 Since it's completely unrealistic to go out into the woods and never go back to civilization (especially if you have a family), the whole concept of an INCH bag is useless.

    Hell, even Ted Kaczynski couldn't be completely self-sufficient.

  4. R V says:

    I have always carried and practice with my sling shot (Wrist Rocket)also I use Marbles for ammo for the sling shot. I bought 1,000 for 5.00 at a garage sale

  5. Richard Williams says:

    great vid, agree totally. i would suggest for those who might consider a sling shot to be sure and pick up extra powerbands 10 to 20 minimum. they're relatively inexpensive and weigh next to nothing. natural organic latex is sensitive to heat, the sun's rays and air borne pollutants so the bands need to be protected. so aside from an opaque bag or case you need something along the lines of 303 aerospace protectant to keep them from drying out. thanks for the video, it is a great suggestion!

  6. Erin Owl says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this idea and video. 
    Thanks too for not editing it down to some "perfect shot" "instant Rambo" lie. You demonstrated truthfully that this is a skill to be acquired thru practice. 
    I agree also about the traps vs slingshot effectiveness. 
    Since you shot this video, have you tried using small or large arrows? Have you had any success? Do you recommend any brand or features if you have? I'd like to get a slingshot – but I want to get a dual purpose one that can also shoot some type of arrow. 
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
    Best wishes to you and yours. 

  7. Aegon Targaryen says:

    As a long time user of a slingshot I totally agree with having one, But you def must carry extra bands " BLACK " and  alc prep pads for replacing, Rocks suck as ammo unless almost perfect round and not a bad idea to get one that can shoot arrows!  Good vid   Thanks!!

  8. Steven Doornbos says:

    Amazing!  I bought a sling shot over 2 years ago and practiced with it until I could actually hit something.  Glad to see somebody else that has thought ahead enough to include it in their survival kit.  Excellent video.  Thank you for sharing.

  9. Walter Kovacs says:

    i indeed had one as a kid. Miss it terribly. ):
    Killed a water snake in Promised Land Lower Lake back then, so i can attest to their deceptively simple lethality.

    Cheap as chips to own, shoot and hunt. Great survival suggestion.

  10. Jöran Jäderberg says:

    You can  modify your slingshot to shoot arrows you just have to put a whisker biscuit on your slingshot and you can use regular arrows you normally use for bows.It is just a tip from me and you can hunt big game with your slingshot if you choose to modify it that way.

  11. ssgcmwatsonusa says:

    Glad to see that I already had the "most overlooked" item in my INCH bag 🙂  I would add to make sure that you pack an extra band or three and leave them in their packaging (to help keep the rubber from deteriorating). 

    A word of warning to our NY friends – wrist-braced slingshots are illegal in the PRNY.

  12. browneye77 says:

    Have you thought about making an improvised/homemade sling shot? My dad and I used to make them when I was kid…rubber strips from an old inner tube, leather from a shoe and a Y branch…wasn't the best compared to what is out there today but it beat throwing a rabbit stick.

    Thanks for the great videos! Subbed!

  13. Romeo Whiskey says:

    The last time I came across an I.N.C.H. situation was a few years ago with the wildfires in Texas. We were given a short time to evacuate when the wind shifted, and the fires came strait for my house. Literally miles of countryside was on fire. I was loading things in the truck madly. Think about what you cannot replace , and what you will need as a refugee, as opposed to a wilderness situation. You probably will be camping in city parks turned into collection centers, football stadiums, at the least in farmer's fields. You will be in the midst of other people, and government agencies who may not be on the same page with each other, much less care much about you. Remember how the cops acted during Katrina. Everyone will see you as a pain in the butt , if not outright prey. Pack accordingly. have that INCH bag ready to go at a moment's notice. Think of having ways to stash your weapons and ammo so they won't be confiscated by the oh-so-helpful authorities when they lose control. When they lose control of the situation, they tend to overcompensate by trying to control YOU…

  14. matlock12c says:

    The clay gave them airodynamics, the pebble give em mass,  and dry, they were hard as a rock themselves!  Just a tip, hope it helps someone down the line. I took out many a cottontail with a red-ball bout 3/4 to an inch around. Give em a try…

  15. matlock12c says:

    At 48, its like the very first real deadly weapon you get your hands on next to a knife as a kid. You get good with practice, I did. But I diddnt use rocks for ammo by themselves. Rocks tend to fly kinda wild, so I would put them in a red clay ball and dry em out, they flew true.

  16. Prepared Survivalist says:

    Only problem is that the bands deteriorate over time and with use, particularly if you were out living in the wild being exposed to the elements all the time.  Lets say you had that in your bag and you had to bug out, then it breaks a week or two down the road. Well its completely useless at that point and now its time to start trapping.

  17. Will Chalmers says:

    I bought a sling shot when i was 14 now 25 an still got it, ive never killed anything with it, never really tryed,but did get about 3 inch from hittin a bat mid flight once which i was pretty stoked by, but def a good bit of kit t have!
    Keep up the good work bud, love your channel!

  18. Dvtto bartol says:

    Good weapon, I have a the folding compact survival bow but it requires arrows which can be damaged with overuse, this will be a good addition to my weapons increasing arrow longevity.:) 

  19. Bigfoot Bushcraft says:

    And JJ they sell that tubing at lowe's so you mite get more for your buck, make'em the size you want for more spring. if those bands break you cld use the leather & adapters. Im not sure how that works mite need pine pitch if you're out there, or glue lol but I seen u said u needed back up bands,just throwing it out there.

  20. Bigfoot Bushcraft says:

    Got mine, but it doesn't have the wrist brace I mite have to get one with it. I like the brace alot better, gives you more power & accuracy. I think anyways. I also bought a Rambo knife on crack & the sheath turns in2 a sling shot or tourniquet lol the knife is ok but the sheath alone is pretty cool & worth having.

  21. Nicholas Aarons says:

    Hey JJ I've still got my Dennis the Menace style slingshot that I made when I was 18 and it's still just as good now. 😀 But I do have a great Slingshot made by Barnet and it's the "Pro Diabolo 2" with new bands on it and they are the industrial versions that they make. It's Awesome I can hit the same spot on a broom handle at 25ft with all kinds of Ammo. 😀 Happy Holidays. From Nick.

  22. Jaybird196 says:

    I'd like it if someone could come up with a natural band (i.e. a band made from natural materials available) for the s.shot. This way, you could make a replacement slingshot anytime you needed.

  23. Barbarossa4U says:

    Great topic and choice. I have had one of these in my bag now for two years. I got the brand that stores the ammo in the hollow handle so it's loaded with steel shot. I think you have the strong bands unless they are different by brand, Mine came with the weak yellow ones and I bought the heavy duty red one so the original is one of my backups along with another red one and a big piece of surgical tubing to make several more. It all fits in the old style 3-30rd mag pouch. 

    My choice for an overlooked INCH item is a quality Tomahawk. I just got a Swamp Rat Rattle Hawk. Do you have a hawk? If so I'd love to see a vid on it.

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