33 thoughts on “Most Important Part of Self Defense

  1. trevorcarterva says:

    I agree with that the most important part of self-defense is developing the habit and skill of being observant. I know some people who know me think I'm paranoid, because I tell them when I go out in public, whether that's at a gas station or a department store, I scan my surroundings. Sometimes I'll do a quick assessment of what objects are around that could be used as a weapon. Maybe I am a little paranoid, but if something does happen I guarantee you I'll have a better chance at surviving that most people.

  2. Blake Woods says:

    What if your attacker has a loaded pistol behind him instead of the assumed knife and you already hit him? Let's hope he's knocked out because then the attacker could argue self defense after he shoots your ass dead.

  3. jacob Ögren says:

    This wont work in sweden cause you will get in trouble with police if you do this. Lets say the guy reaches for his phone in the back pocket and you assume its a knife and strike well you gonna get arrested by the police and the Court gonna say you cant assume he has a knife and you gotta wait until you see the actual knife.  And you probably gonna get convicted for using more violence then the situation needed casue we have a law in sweden thats called nödvärn and it says that you cant use more violence then you need. And its not you who decide if you used to much violence or not, its the Court and the judges. So doing this will probably get you arrested and you gotta pay for the damages you did to him or maybe you will even go to prison.

  4. sumit dey says:

    i dont think sir most people especially girls understand what self defence is.i have seen when u ask someone abt self defence they laugh n dont take it seriously.they dnt really understand the seriousness with which u teach.somr girls r like" oh shit bad things didnt happen to me y sud i learn self defence"

  5. mixwell1983 says:

    I agree, read body language and always keep your hands up. Alot of people want to ball up their fists but have their hands down at their side, perfect time to counter ambush. When their hands are at their side they telegraph any punches because they have to lift their hands to throw any decent punch.

  6. :0 says:

    Nick this seemed a little bit more personal this video. I saw your expression through your word choice and tone. You sound really compassionate. I hope everything is okay, and thank you for making the video.

  7. Casinobubble 2001 says:

    Hey Nick, would it be beneficial to trap the knife to there body and wrestle/tackle them to the ground. My idea behind this is that the attacked has less leverage on the ground and he may fall on the knife and trap it himself. I understand this wouldn't work against multiple attackers, it's just a thought.

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