15 thoughts on “Most important knife combat truth: Incorporate The Haymaker

  1. Primal Punch says:

    Very good points. I have dabbled and worked with Boxing, and it carries over very well into knife and stick-work. It actually requires little or no change and effort to cross over into hand weapons with boxing strikes. Excellent video, and you have inspired me to make a "Knife-Boxing" video. (Great term, by the way)

  2. Anthony Ho says:

    Wmpyr…I think the Demo cut or punch would be good when the opponents attention is distracted or as a finishing move when hes already badly injured or disoriented as demo moves tends to telegraph your actions which he could move away or block !Correct me if im wrong or any other scenarios where demos are good ?

  3. Gabriel Geer says:

    cool, and great point! another factor is that when anyone gets tired (heart beat over 168 or so) they start to revert to brawling or what's instintual for that person. But like you said a pro can use that for an advantage. nice

  4. wmpyr says:

    @blacksilkblacksilk thank you for your informative comment! like a Thaiboxer uses their shins as a baseball bat, I can see how a Choy Lee Fut practitioner can use their forearms as a baton when their haymaker misses. I'm sure there are some Boxers that "cheat" this way because they know it can be effective.

  5. blacksilkblacksilk says:


    Excellent points. One Art that exploits the haymaker to it`s fullest potential is Choy Lee Fut. They use wide swinging motions bringing enourmous speed full torque and all their body mass to bear. It`s devastating. From their they learn to the same things more and more compact. The main weapons are in many respects haymakers and backfists. They do however also use the forearm to let the haymaker sink in or cut in, very similiar to your chainsaw use of the chain punch.
    take care man

  6. WeAllJuggleKnives says:

    Cool. A lot of beginners want to stay in their "fighting stance" the whole time, not realizing that once you've gained a significant advantage (hit the guy enough to put him wholly on the defensive), it is time to just unload/do finishing moves. ~Sensei Israel

  7. wmpyr says:

    @kirkey99 stabbing is definitely a solid move but so is slicing. I wouldn't limit myself to one or the other. It would be like a boxer who has only one type of punch.

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