Most Effective Strikes In A Street Fight – NYC Self Defense Seminar

In this video Nick Drossos is in NYC teaching a seminar, hosted by NYPD officer Joe Riley.Subscribe to Nick Drossos: …

17 thoughts on “Most Effective Strikes In A Street Fight – NYC Self Defense Seminar

  1. buzzardneckseahag says:

    those are the only strikes I teach my students in Albany NY
    Because I saw a man who punched another man in the head and broke his fist I told my little boy I said this is why you never punch with a fist in a fight

  2. Confesor Valentin says:

    I once went into a karate school and asked about monthly fees and was so pissed off at the amount that i challenged the teacher to a fight with the condition that if i won i would become the new teacher and he would be my bitch (LMAO) to make a long story short i beat shit down both of his legs and now teach karate from 4 to 6 monday thru thursdays, The moral of the story is that some of these so-called experts have never been in a street fight and just talk a good game.

  3. dangkoen says:

    The downpart is if you decide to strike first & are caught by law enforcement later, you have the biggest chance you go down. Even worse when the court is aware you have a martial arts background. You'll be labeled as the aggressor *lethal weapon*.

  4. SgtFitnessOnline says:

    We disagree on head butts. The are deceptive, can be delivered quickly, are virtually un-defendable, can do a lot of damage, but remember if you head butt someone you head butt yourself. So then one could say "well I only use them on soft targets". Now we're into that high skill hight risk in the chaos of a real fight situation. I got no problem w/ head bumps, head rubs, and the Liverpool Kiss.

  5. K Mack says:

    my concern about neck cranks ( I know this a violent attack by someone on you) is the probability of breaking someone's neck. is like to mess them up but not so much that I wind up in jail for murder. what say you ?

  6. Ooo says:

    Nick can you do a full video of like a couple combos of those strike moves and when you bring him down what will you do next? I would really appreciate that.

  7. Eric N says:

    Yet more great info from Nick. I've said it before and I'll say it again, punvhing someone in the head is like punditry a bowling ball. It hurts. These techniques are simple, easy, and use gross motor skills. Nick, keep letting it real. Thanks for the vids.

  8. AlexEinherjar says:

    Great video. Lots of extremely valuable tips in a short video. One question I've been meaning to ask: Do you use/recommend the knife hands technique. Would be great if you could make a video on them, if they're useful or not and other details.

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