Most Effective Concealed Carry Blade in the World? Testing the EDC CANK Knife



Greg Tambone shows some martial arts techniques for use with the everyday carry combat application neck knife. He explains the design and some behind the …

31 thoughts on “Most Effective Concealed Carry Blade in the World? Testing the EDC CANK Knife

  1. David Ryan says:

    I recommend placing another knife at your back. Most criminals confronting are usually looking for money and it's great to reach for your "wallet" but bring a knife. Element of surprise.

  2. carson hefner says:

    You should consider sending a few of you products out to knife reviewers to get your brand out there more plus it would be nice to get they’re take on the knives and tomahawk. I recommend Gideonstactical and everydaytacticalvids for starters.

  3. 6.4Hemi Outlaw says:

    Where do I go to purchase your EDC knives, Karambit and the Gen 3 tomahawk? Please send me the Linq because I would like to buy one of each your products! Thanks and keep putting out awesome content and making awesome weapons!

  4. who's who says:

    Hey man I just had your vid on while working around the house and caught the high points but I read some of the comments I'm a newbie maker I'm decent all I do is stock removal I saw people saying stuff about the price of your blades and how 50 bucks would do just as good and it upset me I believe I was respectful to your viewers but I tried to explain the cost from my view as a Smith that does it all with files other than cutting out the pattern from the bar stock and drilling holes I wished all the people that say those things would make 1 8 inch full tang blade that's an inch and a 1/4 wide 3/16 thick and polish it to a mirror then let someone offer them 50 bucks for it and when they do explain that empty feeling in the pit of your stomach and how you would have much rather them spit in your face than offer that price because they just offered you what 12 to 20 bucks max for cheap materials knife now I'm not saying my blades are perfect but I am saying that my blades are as close to perfection as I could possibly make them when I say a blade is done and put my name on it I stand behind that blade til my dying day with normal knife use

  5. Torin Abdallah says:

    What is the difference between the ancient and modern warrior blades? I’m assuming handle materials and maybe blade design? Also, do you have bundle options to get all 3 sheaths with the blade rather than a select

  6. tsfcancerman says:

    Get rid of the name outcut cause you only weaken the steel aswell as making it harder to clean. Aswell as if you want to get rid of blood from knife you have given the police evidence by blood beeing inside cutout, its the same crap as ppl trying to make knives light by drilling holes in them and its usaly there they break if you use it for some work. Ill keep my spyderco police without serration, cold steel safe keeper 2, glock 81 without serration, cold steel spike tanto neck knife. Buck hunter 110, Brusletto Hunter, And sometimes a cheap s&w folder karambit, all depending on defense or hunting.

  7. Chu McCurry says:

    I use knife to deal with wood, and a MicroTech SBK specially for meat/beef cut. I don't know if this knife is good for weapon purpose, but those two sheaths looks very good.

  8. David Olmos says:

    What up BT? I’m very interested in possibly purchasing one of these as a Christmas gift and wanted to know if you guys stand behind your work? Is there any kind of warranty? I apologize in advance if that sounds rude but I only ask because there’s no reviews on this blade anywhere to be found on the web and only one for your Karambit on I just thought that was strange seeing as how these have been in production for a couple years to my knowledge at least. I hope you can shed some light on this. For what it’s worth thanks for your time.

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