Morning Training Routine | My Martial Arts Life – Ep 2

Today, come with me on my morning routine as I train Filipino Martial Arts, hike, make lunch and share some thoughts on Martial Arts training. Join my online …

11 thoughts on “Morning Training Routine | My Martial Arts Life – Ep 2

  1. R Trinidad says:

    Thank you my friend for your great video's and help after my surgery. 26 years of Kenpo Karate, married to a beautiful Philippine woman who has a family full of Ecrima fighters has given me a love for your art. Kenpo and Kali will save your life like they have mine on the streets of L.A.

  2. Lewis Noble says:

    Dude! Seriously you have some fantastic places to train ! If you ever venture to England the warriors eskrima of Manchester would welcome you with open arms . Knowledge through sharing is the eskrima way!!!!

  3. Cherie Burton says:

    I'm guessing that the answer to your question isn't as easy as, it's windy AF. Lived in Chicago for 3 years and the wind absolutely rips through downtown. It's brutal in the winter.

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