Monster Hunter World | Sword & Shield Tutorial

The complete Sword & Shield tutorial for Monster Hunter World. Everything you want to know, in one place! If you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to hit LIKE and …

45 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World | Sword & Shield Tutorial

  1. Orbbb24 says:

    I'm really late to the party here so long shot on this question. Is there any way I could have learned all this on my own in-game? I like trying to figure this stuff out but I feel like I would have never learned about a lot of those combo pairings. Perhaps it's my lack of imagination, but I would have just been doing some basic attacks forever until I decided to change weapon. And things like jumping off the run-up spots I feel I would have never learned. Am I missing something in-game?

  2. Pyrofreak says:

    I love the sword and shield, it's my new favorite weapon, only thing I hate is trying to fight monsters that stay in the air because then I'm nearly useless until they land

  3. Joseph Oldoni says:

    Just subbed and liked love your videos I play Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate but after watchign your guides there I wanted to watch your content for World as well despite not playing it. Great guides man keep it up

  4. Coatshine says:

    I've used the sword and shield since MH Tri, and while I'm using Switch Axe in World, the SnS will always be my go-to weapon for starting MH games and hunting harder monsters in groups due to is speed and elemental potential

  5. amit gabay says:

    I've started the game yesterday and I have decided that until I master the SNS I will not touch enother weapon I have decided that before I started the game

  6. Robocop says:

    Damn ! your weaponguides are so precise and perfectly done !! and everytime i want to try this new weapon style and may have a new favorite

  7. Daniel Santana says:

    I've never touched the sns in the entire time I've played mhw (not that I've been playing for long as I've only had it for a month and a half). Charge blade, dual blades and bow have so far been my go to weapons. The when I finally clear the main story the witcher quest shows up. I play it, promptly scoff at the "beginner friendly weapon" and proceed to use the weapon I'm most familiar with (charge blade in this case). Failed the quest 3 out of 5 times. Then I decided to try a new weapon and lo and behold there is one right there at the start of the witcher quest. The humble sns. I decided "Ah what the hell. Might as well give it a go." No quicker way to learn the strengths and limits of a weapon than trial by fire I thought… Cleared the main quest and the both side quests on my first go without fainting once. The most useful things I found with the sns (so far as I've only used it once, that being like 4 hours ago) were the quick sheath time which allowed me to get away from attacks quickly, being able to use items without sheathing, and being able to mount on demand, no need for any pesky ledges. And I'm sure there are way more things for me to discover. This weapon… I'm keeping it. I'm keeping it and nothing will change my mind.

  8. Razin says:

    After 650+ hours with switchaxe and light bowgun, I finally tried the sword and shield. And it is now my favorite weapon. Thanks for encouraging me to try it. They probably call it a beginner weapon because you can get away with button mashing. But, once I learned the timing of the combos, this is my favorite play style.

  9. Eun S says:

    So what is the difference between sns and dual blade if your going for status? If I wanted a fast melee weapon that is constantly on the monster wouldn’t dual blade be better? Is sns more geared towards using items during the hunt?

  10. theranmafan says:

    Hi Arrekz! I noticed that there's a trick your video hasn't covered; it's another shortcut to the Backstep (and follow up).
    While rolling in any direction, press and hold a direction + Special Attack (RMB on Mouse, O on PS) MID-ROLL – you need to still be curled up to make this work.

    You'll immediately cancel into the backstep in the specified direction. I use this frequently for Behemoth mount-cheese and Lunastra KOs because it makes mounting and smacking weakpoints a LOT easier. Always good to rewatch these videos to refresh my memory of these weapons too, since I've been branching out into every weapon!

  11. Matt G says:

    Came back here to double check on combo options and see if there was anything I might be potentially missing out on. But I have to say, I've been recently playing SnS with max guard and max slugger while farming tempered T2 investigations for decorations and it's some of the most fun I've had with the game. It's so satisfying blocking divebombs, diablos tunnel/wall charge, and other usually hard hitting moves with almost no damage then immediately smacking them in the face with my shield. I don't mind taking a little longer on the hunt if I'm having fun.

  12. vitriolicAmaranth says:

    As in previous titles, there is an option in-game to make directional inputs relative to the camera rather than the character, so that back IS always back on the analog stick (for the purpose of things like the backhop into charged slash).

    Real shame what they did with this weapon in World, though. It really feels like garbage to play compared to before.

  13. MFD says:

    SnS isn't a beginner weapon. It's just first on the list of weapons. I'd say lance is a beginners weapon due to how simple and practical it is. Plus it has good reach.

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