Monster Hunter World | Great Sword Tutorial

The complete Great Sword tutorial for Monster Hunter World. Everything you want to know, in one place! If you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to leave a LIKE …

44 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World | Great Sword Tutorial

  1. Timothy E. says:

    10:03 its worth noting that the TCS only has a faster charge speed if you enter it via the SCS. If you cancel your SCS with a tackle, you have to do the normal wind up on the TCS. For that reason, its probably worth it a lot of the time to use the SCS rather than tackling into a TCS, since the time saved (assuming you are charging your TCS) is less than what you'd expect. This also means that its often even more important to save time by tackle-canceling the first charged slash in the chain

  2. nahtan beaudoin says:

    won't lie, the rate of videos he fires off is the same as all the other full-time tubers. however, I do find that his tutorials are very helpful in getting me out of old habits from freedom unite.

  3. chebz says:

    honestly struggling with these weapons. I think your guides are really confusing, there's no way I can remember 30 different combos and in a heat of a battle it always ends in button-mashing fest.

  4. Darius Matthews says:

    MH series so….weird
    All the charge atk available on console gaming for gs (no styles) but lacks “cool” combos
    Hand held all the styles but of coarse less (I’m a combo guy) for unique stances; which is cool it opens up a lot of things but….why?
    I may as well be using a god damn hammer

  5. Great Tragedy says:

    You've must have lost at this game quite a lot, to one day get so determined to fuck Nergigante up that, you said fuck your dive bomb from Daimon from Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen, to say I'm going to land this charge slash, by any means…

  6. Marco Chan says:

    When I first watched this video and he broke nergs horns and tackled him in the intro I instantly wanted to main this weapon. I then looked at the other weapons but they weren't as cool as this one. GS main for life^

  7. Ryan G says:

    Your weapon breakdowns are great, always my first go-to when I need to change up my equipment. I probably made a mistake trying GS on Leshen though tbh…

  8. C Dervan says:

    I played up to high rank 8 stars maining Great sword without knowing about the true charge slash. I should have watched a guide before, I thought the weapon was simple.

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