Monster Hunter World | Dual Blades Tutorial

The complete Dual Blades tutorial for Monster Hunter World. Everything you want to know, in one place! If you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to hit LIKE and …

42 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World | Dual Blades Tutorial

  1. Dj Mack says:

    I'm kind of surprised no mention of teostra technique with using weakness exploit on the armor itself already has it with its arms and coil just add a third piece and now you have way more sharpness then any handicraft build could ever dream of as long as you're aiming for a weak points I've done xeno'jiiva never leaving white sharpness and never sharpening with this build the last two pieces are your choice but I'm running the helm of lunastra and legs the rest being teostra

  2. jesse thacker says:

    When i first played duel wield i thought they were useless but after playing them on .y new character and watching this vid ive relize i just sucked with them now ive gotten better and can do so awesome stuff like the levi across thier back which i did a prevented a legiana from running

  3. Inri says:

    I like how it says tutorial but when you went to blacksmith place that made no sense to someone who has no idea what you're talking about lol

  4. FNMiggy says:

    thank you for showing me the full potential of the dual blades what exactly is the gear you were using in this video I know you had an azura helmet but the rest is still unknown to me

  5. nur rohmat adi putra says:

    8.46 sec for 94 damage for staying in demon mode with no stamina left compared to 5.27 sec for 270 damage while having your stamina recover in arch-demon mode. I don't think of any use in extending demon mode since both have the same damage multiplier for as long as i know…

  6. Gary Heupel says:

    DB Main here! 😛 Thank you for mentioning to not always use the "blade dance" whenever you are able to.. I see way to many people being carted because they feel they need to use that move way more then they need to.

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