Monkey Knife Fighting – The Mockumentary (Part 1)

Part 1 of the hardest-hitting mockumentary yet on the controversial subject of underground monkey knife fighting. For music videos of the Old School funk, go to:…

30 thoughts on “Monkey Knife Fighting – The Mockumentary (Part 1)

  1. spinemelter2000 says:

    You get a million stars for effort. They should put this on Fox's Sunday night shows. I can think of lots of ideas for documentaries based on 10-second gags from The Simpsons from when it used to be funny. I would like to see a documentary on home-wine making classes, which are horrific because they make people forget how to drive.

  2. Dagreat says:

    You know i read a newstory that a couple college students were arrested because they were actually trying to use monkeys that they stole from the university and make em do a knife fight

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