Monkey Fist Door 24 Warrior Qigong Set



Monkey Fist Door 24 Qigong Set is now available ➞ —- WHO IS JIANG YU SHAN: Jiang Yu Shan (Hisham Al-Haroun) has lived 30 …

30 thoughts on “Monkey Fist Door 24 Warrior Qigong Set

  1. Mehdi A says:

    The man talks in such an engaging way. Makes me feel like I understand. But every time his speeches leave me with the impression that I didn’t actually get anything.

  2. Naz Khan says:

    I got a lot of saving up to do to get his tutorials, better now than never something definitely worth the money, I saw some of his moves ( only slight) on Chinese TV and the guy is Ace, only a few moves got you in a position to protect yourself

  3. Daniela D says:

    Great and informative video of what Master Jiang yu shan knows and what he is going to teach. I have always wondered, how did you two come across him among the many of Martial Artists and Masters? Did you know from the start that he was who you were looking for? Have you ever come across some one who called himself a master but turned out to be all talk?

  4. Rob Maviglia says:

    I think that you are risking a lot deciding to share these knowledges.
    Your choice is very brave one, I hope one day to reach your school physically and have the possibility to be one of your students.

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