Modern Warfare Camo Tips 2: Shield Injured, Knife Crouching, Launcher Attacker & Defender



The second collection of Modern Warfare camo tips, covering Riot Shield kills while injured and from behind, combat knife crouching, Strela XP gain and hitting …

22 thoughts on “Modern Warfare Camo Tips 2: Shield Injured, Knife Crouching, Launcher Attacker & Defender

  1. Abraham Lincoln says:

    If you guys are thinking this is going to be bad doing the riot shield just don't think about it and you should fly through it I got all of the camos for it in 1 day (other than the 3 kills without dying)

  2. FreeDom Sy says:

    I have a Stupid question, how do I get to play shoot house? When the mode "stocked up, locked down" came out in the free to play version, I decided to buy the full version, yet I can't find it anymore! It seems that they change modes too often, correct?

  3. Riiptide says:

    I was able to get the knife from level 1 to gold in 5 matches of double XP Shipment 24/7. IMO running stims + double time + dead silence is the best setup because of the sprint refresh with stims, plus your ability to get back into the fight faster so you have more uptime. For injured kills I swapped out stims for thermites and did the sell damage trick.

  4. Juan Rivera Amaya says:

    I only spent 7 hours to complete gold for the riot shield and knife. Im so glad im one shotgun off the damascus. Pd: the knife was the easiest i though it would be harder like bo4 knife but in 2 hours i obtained gold..

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