Modern Knife Expert Compares Medieval Dagger Techniques with Modern Knife – Ft. Keith Jennings

Keith is a life-long martial artist and is the head of Chicago Combatives – Want to buy trainers? ▷Rondel Trainer …

35 thoughts on “Modern Knife Expert Compares Medieval Dagger Techniques with Modern Knife – Ft. Keith Jennings

  1. Blood and Iron says:

    Hello You Tube Viewers commenting on this video. Nicole Smith here. I want to set a few things straight. Just because Keith moves quickly does not mean I was getting hurt. In fact Keith is an extremely experienced knife instructor and we wanted to show the speed at which a knife exchange can actually happen. I am absolutely fine. I am a teacher and martial artist myself. Keith and I worked together to determine the intensity and speed we were looking for to make this a great informative video. I was extremely pleased with how the filming went and I was equally pleased with the seminar that followed. I would highly recommend taking any knife classes Keith offers in the future. If you are in Chicago you are blessed to have him within reach.

  2. Henbot says:

    love how the dude trying to sell his designed knife but this is a great video and surprises me how people think he hurting her when it common practice in sparring for fast fake hits. High-level martial artists do it all the time– moves with the full force but stop on the surface. What is fascinating is how way more brutal the modern stuff is from the knowledge that more precise when it comes to anatomy.

  3. Matt Fick says:

    It's fascinating seeing the differences here. Not just in technique and weapons, but in teaching style. Nicole is so chilled, Keith is so much more riled up. It's not a dig at anyone, just cool to see two instructors and how they differ.
    And it was a really fun video, I like seeing how styles change over hundreds of years

  4. Beast The Grim Executioner says:

    This is a great technic depending on what you and your opponent Carry's into a fight to the death so much has changed yet so much still stays the same bought old and new have there similarity but also different in there own way bought are effective in there own way.

  5. kikoff88 says:

    So… All I see here is that the techniques are very similar.

    The difference comes with historically you would face a lot more armoured assailant. which is why the edges of the smaller blades all but disappeared from 1000 to 1300. An edge does squat against a mail armor og even gambesons.

    A sharp solid point with some drive behind it though. Could pierce most armour types, slip into weak spots and defend against larger and heavier weapons without braking.

    These days most people don't wear any armour. So edges makes sense again. Which is why we see smaller edged weapons and not 30 centimeter long steel rods. Though we saw similarities in the trench knives during the war and dare I say some bayonets even today ment for the battlefield where people again are wearing armour.

    Great content guys. Loved the demonstrations and points on differences in mindset from landing the stab to making those smaller deep cuts.

  6. Hunter says:

    what i can notice of difference between the two styles is that the medieval combat was more focused in "kill" as soon possible, since all time she went straight to vital zones, such neck.

    While the modern techinique that he showed seems to be more focused in kikicly disable the oppoenent. while in HEMA she went to "fatal blow" right after get over the first enemy attack, he, using the modern combat technique, went to tendons and muscles first.

    I think both techniques works.

  7. Ramash440 says:

    All these comments about this dude's intensity, yet not a single joke about how Keith could probably stab someone with his nose. I'm thoroughly disappointed. That and you all need to actually practice a martial art for once, stuff isn't done in slo-mo in real life.

  8. Cathartic Canuck says:

    I'm thinking these two may have been married? Or had some sort of relationship that went sour…..However, the male held his emotions in check, so i am only speaking in context of how the female was reacting, & acting. .

  9. Connor Kennedy says:

    This was a fascinating video. I particularly liked the difference in cross blocks and the detail they explained on blade length and hand placement. I also liked that Niccole had different answers for an early or late swing. It's interesting that while both systems use arm locks, medieval dagger includes a leg sweep to throw the opponent to the ground. I love grappling, so it's great to see it pop up here.

  10. Cyril Rapiz says:

    Very nice. Thanks for giving a visual comparisons with discussion and demonstrations. The flow of the motions are quite practical and even vicious at times. The differences reveals the thinking and traditions the styles had

  11. Van Ivanov says:

    Huh… I like his technique, with one exception. He said nothing about the prison rush, about leading with the empty-hand. The fact criminals can use the knife from a retracted position, controlling you with an empty hand, tends to complicate a lot of the anti-knife martial-arts systems.

    I wonder if Keith is familiar with Marc "Animal" MacYoung's work?

  12. IrrationalBees says:

    What the hell? Who holds a knife like that? This isn't a fucking anime. Hold it normally.
    And secondly, NEVER lead with your knife hand. Your knife isn't your only strength, it's your only weakness. Protect your blade.
    Always attack first with a different limb and follow through with the finisher which is a stab to vitals.

    Hold it normally in your dominant hand, point up. Keep it CLOSE to your body.
    Lead with your empty hand to reach out and grab, or be grabbed, either one is okay. Or slashed, or stabbed, in the arm, it's okay, you'll survive, they won't.
    Move in with full momentum, your entire body slamming into theirs, then start stabbing and twisting.

  13. Alex Aurelian says:

    I like how whoever is attacking goes really slow on the entry so the others block can work. Honestly a block won't do shit because they are going to be sending stabs and slashes in so fast you can't even block quick enough.

  14. NOSTALGIC says:

    Need to face the attack not the person. (Depending) It changes the angle of your body. So like the "sewing machine" stabbing. If u turn your feet 45 degree and your body same direction it changes your body angle taking your body out of way of knife but still able to counter the way you did. There many ways. These are pretty decent. Take out the person you take out the knife in whatever tactic you use. Most likely it won't be knife on knife. Because in reality you prob won't see it coming but if you have the time to pull out a knife you prob got the time to run. Only fight if you have to fight, or you are trying to protect someone. Besides that always mind your surroundings. Not everyone out there respects life.

  15. James Woodard says:

    I completely understand why she made a disclaimer about knife legality in this video and I would have done the same if I were ever in the her place, but it's sad that it is now necessary to worry about the legallity of carrying knives like those shown in this video. "Oh no! We better not let anyone 'concealed carry' a knife with a 2.5in. blade!" What is the world comming to? And then B&I could get in legal trouble for making a simple comparison video that happened to have knife maneuvers, because we live in such a litigious world.

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