Modern Arnis – The World Of American Modern Arnis “The Art, The Science, The Spirit” (1995 film)

This is the complete, groundbreaking, 1995 Filipino Martial Arts (Modern Arnis, Kali, Eskrima) video film – The World Of American Modern Arnis (“The Art, The …

26 thoughts on “Modern Arnis – The World Of American Modern Arnis “The Art, The Science, The Spirit” (1995 film)

  1. Stan Lee says:

    best association even better then of IMAFP
    they care about the art more than the Filipino who care only about the money and fame ! Greedy people there in Philippines make them blind to see and the follow the true path of Martial arts !

  2. MrEdium says:

    Hello Strikesubmit. i have understood that there are 2 terms for the "kicking " styles from the Philippines, one called Sikaran & the other is Pananjakman. Hope that helps.

  3. strikesubmit says:

    just curious about the kicking. i know that there are numerous indigenous styles of eskrima in the Philippines (all different tribes/regions creating their own); so do those kick techniques come from a particular "schools" of eskrima? also, does the kicking only come into play during unarmed drills? or can you incorporate them with the weapon drills?

  4. feltex smish says:

    In Philippine history, swords were used before and during the time when we were conquered by the Spaniards and we had defeated them. But during the time when the Japanese took over, we are all discouraged to practice the art and all people that would be caught carrying any kind blades will be put to death. That's the time when we used sticks instead of blades, and still our guirillas had slaughtered unexpected numbers of Japanese soldiers even with the use of sticks.

  5. feltex smish says:

    The answer for this question is very simple. It is because of the rules of the tournament. Int the Philippines specially at the old years, there are only two rules; 1. live and you win. 2. surrender and you loose. Its a game of death, not by points. Only by the late 1960s where stick fighting entered the ring but still it is more effective on street brawls or street fighting than using it to win in a point system competetion.

  6. bobby6577 says:

    The old school teachers (tuhon) believes that tournament should be done with less protection so the technics could be seen. Check out the tournament in Human WEapon, Eskrima.

  7. pyronaught says:

    I think a lot of the stick demos are either practice sequences where a known pattern is repeated by both partners, or when not doing that it is much slower and controlled since they don't want to whack each other with a real stick. In a tournament it would look more like a brawl because it is not choreographed or controlled with a concern about not hitting the other person. It looks like a brawl because basically that's what it really is!

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