MOD Mark II knife video review

This is one real tactical knife. Tomcat introduce to everybody idea of “tactical” knives by copying famous SOG Bowie. This knife was developed by Expert in …

7 thoughts on “MOD Mark II knife video review

  1. Mel Fiscus says:

    I got one of the first ones back in the 1990s and its simply a big ugly very overpriced knife …… If it had Titanium handles you might have something . Their aluminum….. When I got mine , the allen screws were stripped out around the seat belt cutter and I had to remachine all the holes a step larger and fit new allen screws … The allen screws were stripped out because the holes were misaligned …..  I basically had to "blueprint" the knife then clean it and reassemble it …. It then worked just fine … Its still too big and clumsy and had aluminum handles … Far to expensive for what you got …. Too many other knives that were so much better for less money …..

  2. Brian Vu says:

    @nozh2002 hey can u give me an opinion on the difference between the MARK I and the MARK II? what's the reason why they made the MARK II and what did they improve upon?

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