MMA Fighters Try Women’s Self-Defense: Episode #9 Knife Attacks

This time, Ramsey, Jourdan, and Karen try out one of the internet’s most viewed women’s self defense videos for fighting back against an attacker with a knife.

40 thoughts on “MMA Fighters Try Women’s Self-Defense: Episode #9 Knife Attacks

  1. Reapin' It says:

    There is a variation on the wrist lock that works with the closed fist. It involves placing your palm on the back of the knuckles and spare hand on the wrist, it isn't as effective but it's better. Than nothing

  2. SwordTune says:

    Something stupid but weirdly effective: weatherproof jackets, thick ones with two or more layers and annoying crinkly stuff that's waterproof, they're fairly resistant against knife slashes (less so with stabs). You will get cut, but significantly less so. Don't panic at the sight of a knife. People wear armour for a reason, from knights to modern soldiers. Let your armour give you the chance to escape.

  3. Michael Kriechbaum says:

    The recreation of the techniques was nearly as bad in its seriousness as the actual techniques. But, I thought the end of the video with the explanation of why the wrist techniques etc wouldn't work was great info. I say that because of the fact I have seen so many wrist locks demonstrated on a hand holding a knife, and I couldn't even bend my own wrist if I had it in a fist.

  4. AnimationLad says:

    Gosh, get it together.

    It didn't work because you didn't wear a cute little skirt, Ramsey. I mean, you really wouldn't look great in the skirt, but at least the technique would work. No offense about not looking great in the skirt. Not trying to hurt your feelings.

  5. kleinjahr says:

    Ahhh, I see you have been studying HEMA cloak and dagger techniques. Actually,it would be interesting to see your take on some of the old treatises. ie: Fiore et al.

  6. Shinwoo K says:

    You are wrong. This techniques work. They worked in my dojo, against a resisting attacker! Was a bit late so the only one left in the dojo to try as a resisting attacker was my 3 yo brother, but anyway, they worked.

  7. aditsu says:

    Step 1: move towards the blade
    Step 2: immobilize the knife by getting it stuck into a soft part of your body (such as belly, neck or between the ribs)
    Step 3: as the attacker freezes in shock, twist their hand to make them release the knife
    Step 4: you now have the knife, pull it out and threaten the attacker, who will surely run away in horror
    Step 5: celebrate your victory, it may be the last thing you can do before bleeding out

  8. Gregory Mills says:

    Why you cant run away from a knife fight? Because your with your 3 small children and you cant just abandon them and run away. Or someone is trying to take your car but your 2 year old is still strapped in the car seat. You can give them your wallet but you can never let them take your kids. Or you have a bad knee and cant run fast. Or you may be a woman wearing high heel shoes fighting off a rapist. There are lots of situations you may not be able to run away from a knife fight. Sometimes life does not give you good options so you have to suck it up and fight for your life.

  9. 02sayep says:

    First of all Ramsey I'm a huge fan of your channel; I've learnt a lot from your videos and I really enjoy watching them.
    I beg of you PLEASE do a video trying out Karate Bunkai for various Katas, maybe from various instructors too, against live resistance!
    I actually train Karate and have huge belief in the effectiveness of it's basics (punches, kicks, blocks, etc.) BUT whenever the subject of Bunkai comes up my perfectly rational, knowledgeable and skilled instructors seem to descend into talking absolute wishy-washy nonsense. I had one of my instructors today tell me how this move "stuns" your opponent, and how another move "catches their punch" allowing you to perform a strike to the ribs with your fingertips follwed by a standing neck-break… I could go on but you get the point.
    Please do consider doing it… it'd make one fan very happy at least!

  10. Christian Security London says:

    Ramsey you're amazing and make me laugh…But from another point of view that's very sad that there' are Instructors that teaches this stupid technics teaching woman how they have to die…Is very important the videos that you do with your staff to show that all these technics are fake. Big cheers from London

  11. Caleb Fielding says:

    If someone attacks you with a knife you are going to get stabbed. Good news is that there is a great chance the knife isnt sharp. Bad news is that you have no idea where that knife has been. Antiseptic is your friend.

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