MLF2020: Panel discussion on The Indian Army in Italy during World War II



The Tribune, now published from Chandigarh, started publication on February 2, 1881, in Lahore (now in Pakistan). It was started by Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia, …

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  1. Danny NRNY says:

    A very interesting dissertation over the Forgotten Volunteers of the Forgotten Army on the Forgotten Front. I would like to focus upon a few points. 52:40 Gemmano, dubbed as the "Montecassino of the Adriatic", to be pronounce only as Jehmmano (as in Jerry, German, jeopardy), 52:47 Gurkhas at San Clemente facing the next ridge line of Coriano, across Fosso della Valle creek. Gemmano was to the extreme left of the Coriano ridge line, across the Conca river. 54:31 the sketch is squeezing the key points of the Coriano ridge line as seen from San Clemente: from left to right Croce, cemetery, San Savino, Passano, Coriano. Between each point lies a good km. To the far left the slope is descending towards the Conca river , beyond which rises the towering height of Gemmano. 55:39 Shermans at Croce. 56:47 : as to the Gurkha Museum in Winchester there is no photo of VC recipient Sher Bahadur Thapa of 1/9 GR. A VC Memorial, unveiled in 2008, rises to his honor next to his death site, hill 366, along Strada Quinta Gualdaria (intersection Strada del Fosso- visible of Google Street) near Faetano, Republic of San Marino. 1:13.09 : Gareth Davies is referring to "Jacob's Ladder" a 10 km long supply road stretching from Morra in the Nestore Valley to Palazzo del Pero in the Cerfone Valley, built in an amazingly 48 hours. HM King George VI was driven over it soon after it was completed. A plaque in Palazzo del Pero commemorates the surprise visit of the King when on 25 July 1944 he met with the front line troops of the 4th Indian Division. The plaque was unveiled in 2015 by Lt-Col Richard Holworthy, son of Major-General Arthur W.W. Holworthy Division Commander. On the same occasion the King field knighted Lt-Gen Richard McCreery. 1:14.20 NZ patrol coming from Pian d'Usciano. 1:15.00 Bailey Bridges: two bridges have been recently restored west of Rimini, one at Villa Verrucchio along Via San Rocco in a sharp bend over the Mavone creek, the other at San Vito di Santarcangelo, west of Chiesa dei Santi Vito e Modesto, over Fiume Uso river (both visible on Google Street). 1:18.00 : The double GC plaque is located at Monterchi (monter-key) in Piazza Umberto I, just aside of Ristorante Al Travato (visible on Google Street). The minefield was actually located in the vicinity of Il Colle/Pocaia to the west of Monterchi. Both the upper Tiber and Arno valleys have been liberated by Indian Divisions alone.

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