MK – Pangamut and Knife Fighting



Mandirigmang Kaliradman Davao. Shown here are some of the basic defense using empty hands and knife. For more advance defense principles you can …

9 thoughts on “MK – Pangamut and Knife Fighting

  1. thetwentysixth hour says:

    I'm not picking sides here but for a fighting style (such as Boxing) which is also a sport, there are only 3 criteria required to be considered for the Olympics:
    1.A standardised system & set of rules are established.
    2.That exact same system & rules are taught in a majority of countries world wide.
    3.The Olympic committee get their payoffs (lol – sad but true).
    Which was the major reason why Jujitsu was simplified into Judo, as was the case with standard to Olympic Taekwondo. 8)

  2. Banakun says:

    Yes…I agree with you. It's all "in the hand." Is it really empty? Only the FMA practitioner will know. By the time others find out, it's gonna be too late 😉

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