Mini Survival Kit

Here is a look at a mini survival kit I built around a CRKT Ritter PSK MK5 knife. Its a pretty basic kit, but covers all of the essential areas I think. Don’t forget to …

24 thoughts on “Mini Survival Kit

  1. saiaddict says:

    ya you can make band ads or attach a arrowhead to a stick , you can make the flechings or a lure for fishing , a splint , a fire starter , you can patch a hole in a tarp or cloths , you can strengthen a spear or make a handle for it , and if you have a lot of tape you can make container , and a lot more . look up ( survival duct tape ) you can find a lot of stuff

  2. Jaybird196 says:

    I wish I could find a small water bladder-type device, space blanket, and shelter that could fit in an altoids-style tin. Overall, I think you have a pretty well-rounded kit here 🙂 .

  3. otakop67 says:

    That high carbon steel hacksaw blade could also be used in conjunction with a piece of flint or quartz to strike a spark on a piece of charcloth or amadou. I'm planning on doing a video on it shortly.

  4. we3kings1 says:

    I would add a small magnifying glass,for another alternative for fire starting. Have you checked out the esee izula neck knife…it's an awesome small fixed blade.

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