Mini Build: Fight Training Karambit (Easiest, Cheapest, Quickest build EVER)

Some hand dandy little training knives I’ll be using to train and experiment with knife fighting techniques, made of 9mm plywood. New (real build) videos coming …

37 thoughts on “Mini Build: Fight Training Karambit (Easiest, Cheapest, Quickest build EVER)

  1. Steve Zukley says:

    I have no idea where to find any of this stuff (let alone for a decent price). At my nearest hardware store, 3 feet of 1" steel tube costs FORTY SIX DOLLARS! Plus they don't have half of the things I need for projects.

  2. Greg c says:

    after watching your wrench karambit tutorial I decided to forge my own. I also decided that I do need some practice karambits. Since I found this video I am subscribing. Good stuff here!

  3. Mike Gottschau says:

    Karambit fighting is much different than conventional knife fighting, but it's still really dope. I would suggest looking for an Eskrima/Kali class, or a Pencak Silat class, as those are the two arts where karambits are most often used. I prefer a regular old pocket knife, or a kabar, but that's 'cuz I suck with reverse grip.

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