29 thoughts on “Mindset – Self Talk

  1. Kurt Troter says:

    Funny, I've never heard anyone say, "In a gunfight, your gonna get shot…" How about no. You might be injured in a fight and should be mentally prepared for it but if you go into it with the expectation… well. Awsome stuff Billy, Semper Fi.

  2. generalcarver says:

    Still not even satisfied with even this discussion of mindset, although it sounds like it's on the right track. I would like to see a video or examples of mental or written excerises one can do to prepare those mental routines for a violent encounter of some type.

  3. Jack Attack says:

    Good self talk examples.

    – The only reason this asshole is still standing is because I havent decided to destroy him
    – You have a knife? Thanks, I am going to shove it through your throat
    – Theres three of them? What order do I want to shoot them in?
    -Loud noise at 3am? Someone broke into the wrong house and is going to die tonight.

    The moment you start putting yourself in a negative fear based mindset, you set yourself up to lose. These are what someone with an offensive mindset would think. And they would win.

  4. rezdog187 says:

    I'm pretty sure the saying – in a knife fight your going to get cut, was to do exactly what your saying that is prepare yourself that if your cut who cares continue the fight and win. I hear the exact opposite of what you do on that one slick. Col Grossman is great at talking about this subject also.

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