MILITARY HISTORY : Ninjas Knives and Daggers

Uploaded by MILITARY HISTORY 2015. A look at the Military History of Ninjas Knives and Dagger. The Weaponry of the Ninja discusses both the kinds of weapons one would expect a ninja to use…

21 thoughts on “MILITARY HISTORY : Ninjas Knives and Daggers

  1. X Omega Hunter says:

    Shurikens as you said are knife behind the hand, but they are only meant to be thrown on a desperate situation. Like when the ninja got caught and have to run away, but normally they would use it like a assassins creed gauntlet hidden blade.

  2. paul greenwood says:

    So many derogatory comments from so many battle-hardened invincible warriors. Chill out guys, it's just a bit of fun with a smattering of history thrown in. I thought it was well presented and hugely entertaining.

  3. Pierre Eriksson says:

    Worst shit ever called it self historical.
    Saego is not a sword scabbard it is the name of the cord on the scabbard he just called cord. Saya is name for sword scabbard in japanese.
    The straight short square tsuba (gard) sword is an Hollywood stereotype.

  4. HappyJackSlade says:

    had a couple of ninja black belts come turn up at our BJJ class one day. One was 22 and the other 24. Told us they wanted to practice their deadly art of grappling as the others in their class were not challenging enough. We were expecting them to be devastating. They were asked if a purple belt BJJ practitioner would be ok as they were black belts. Both Ninjas choked out cold in under a minute each.
    Some excuses were made then two blue belts took up the challenge and they ninjas subdued one with arm bar and the other with a Kimura in under a minute.
    Excuses made by ninjas cant recall. Finally 2 ninjas choked out cold by an 11 year old white belt that was grappling for 3 months.
    The kids parents came to pick him up and the kid says Dad i choked out a ninja! Thats good son says his father and his mother says thats wonderful son as they walk off together lol

  5. Goblintrain says:

    Bullshit! There was no such thing as Ninja. They were a legend propagated by Samurai who wanted to continue their living and save their honor at the same time. The Samurai code was ridiculous for any realistic human practice of it. And historically, the ninja sword never existed. It is a Hollywood fabrication! This documentary is 100% bullshit!

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